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    Then there is also the issue of how the tobacco is cured.


    Carcinogenic tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines in US cigarettes: three decades of remarkable neglect by the tobacco industry

    1. Irina Stepanov1,
    2. Aleksandar Knezevich1,
    3. Liqin Zhang2,
    4. Clifford H Watson2,
    5. Dorothy K Hatsukami1,
    6. Stephen S Hecht1

    +Author Affiliations

    1. 1Masonic Cancer Center and Tobacco Use Research Programs, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
    2. 2Emergency Response and Air Toxicants Branch, Division of Laboratory Sciences, National Center for Environmental Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta Georgia, USA
    1. Correspondence toIrina Stepanov, Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, 420 Delaware Street SE – MMC 806, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455, USA;
    • Received 30 November 2010
    • Accepted 19 April 2011
    • Published Online First 20 May 2011



    Background Modification of tobacco curing methods and other changes in cigarette manufacturing techniques could substantially reduce the levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA), a group of potent carcinogens, in cigarette smoke. In 1999, two major US cigarette manufacturers stated their intent to move towards using tobaccos low in TSNA. There is no information available on current TSNA levels in tobacco of various cigarettes available in the US, particularly in the newer varieties introduced over the past decade.


    Methods Seventeen brands of cigarettes were purchased in April of 2010 from retail stores in Minnesota. TSNA levels were measured in the tobacco filler and smoke of these cigarettes.


    Results In all brands, the sum of two potent carcinogenic TSNA - 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone and N'-nitrosonornicotine - in cigarette filler averaged 2.54 (±1.05) μg/g tobacco. This value is virtually identical to the sum of these two carcinogens reported for the tobacco of a US filtered cigarette in 1979. TSNA levels in smoke positively correlated with those in tobacco filler of the same cigarettes.


    Conclusion We found no indication that any meaningful attempt was made to reduce or at least control TSNA levels in the new varieties of the popular brands Marlboro and Camel introduced over the last decade. In light of the recently granted regulatory authority to the FDA over tobacco products, regulation of TSNA levels in cigarette tobacco should be strongly considered to reduce the levels of these potent carcinogens in cigarette smoke.

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    Well, I'm not suggesting that tobacco companies should be the ones to get into the business when pot finally becomes legal.  I'm saying I'd imagine they are slavering to get into the business to replace revenues they've lost over the years by decreased smoking.


    Actually, an article I read in "Kush" (a pot periodical that's mostly ads for Colorado MMJ dispensaries) made the case that as hemp becomes legal, marijuana growers are going to have to move their business indoors.  Hemp can mate with marijuana plants but it will dominate the progeny and there won't be any meaningful amounts of the THC and cannabinoids that produce the psychoactive effects that are medicinal or just plain fun.


    And the hemp pollen can travel a long distance.  I think I remember it was something like 30 miles.  So, if hemp is grown within a 30 (or whatever) mile radius of a pot farm, the pot produce might be made worthless.


    If this is true, maybe in the long run, tobacco farmers would have to make too many adjustments to their farms.  I think they've been switching to soybeans and maybe that's where they'll stay.


    I dunno.


    I just hope they get over this stupid prohibition while I'm still alive and able to enjoy it.  Even with the CO law for MMJ, there are still federal laws and state limitations.  And I might not always be a candidate to benefit from MMJ, though it's hard to prove I'm not going to continue to do so.

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    During WW2, hemp was grown in KY.  I have a friend who lived there and used to go into the hills where hemp was grown and she and her friends used to pick the leaves (or whatever). They would roll the leaves in in paper and sit back and smoke it.   She said they loved it and called it Dream of Heaven. They were children who were sneaking a smoke and knew nothing about cannabis. Hemp is grown to use for making rope.. (I remember as a child, my firends and I once smoked corn silk wrapped in newspaper).

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    Tex Registered Users
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    Hell, when I was in HS there were a couple of times we tried oregano or marjoram.  We swore it got us a little while.


    I don't think it really did.  The mind is a powerful thing.

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    Hi Tex.  I understand that voters in Colorado in November will be voting to make recreational use of marijuana legal in the state.  Is that true?  We in Massachusetts are finally going to be voting on making medical marijuana legal.  How did the soapy water work on killing your insect pests?



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    I never needed to try the home remedy as the web worms didn't come back.  So, that was a good result.


    The last I heard they were still verifying signatures on the petitions.  I'm assuming we'll get to vote on it but we'll have to see.  Or maybe they've already validated them and I just haven't heard.  They just turned them in last week.


    I'm curious to see if we're Rocky Mountain High enough to approve it.  MMJ is one thing and we do have a very strong evangelical crowd here (witness Santorum's win in the caucus).  But it seems they're mostly a live and let live group of folks here so we might well pull it off.


    There was a flood of commercials back last fall.  I guess they tested well and that helped spur the petition.


    Stay tuned...

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    I think if it helps you, and you only find yourself taking short trips with any form of wild animal its a win-win.  I believe the use of marijuana is less abused than most prescribed drugs, and at least it improves particular avenues of life.  Nausea be damned!


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    markf Registered Users
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    Pam, you are completely correct.  Here is a graph from a leading researcher showing the relative dangers of various drugs of abuse including nicotine, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, caffeine and marijuana.

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    pammartin Registered Users
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    I wrote a paper on that a while back, and I might have used the article you referenced, it was amazing to me, marijuana was low low low on the list and the medical benefits were even greater than I knew.  I see no reason why someone should not be able to take advantage of the benefits of this drug, instead of prescription drugs that cause serious side effects and are very addicting.  There are so many drugs that are given on a daily basis to people for side effects, marijuana should at least be a choice one could consider without the possibility of legal ramifications.  Thanks for sharing the link!


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    When it becomes legal I believe that, capitalism be ignored and growing is restricted in quantity. 

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    Tex Registered Users
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    I dunno.  I think the market will dictate how much is grown, just like booze and tobacco.  I just hope the new Big Pot industry's survival strategies (advertising, lobbying, etc.) will avoid trying to lure kids and vulnerable people into use.  I'd like to see some industry with ethics.

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    Nope Tex, I'm being adamant, the market will dictate how much is grown; but to avoid 'agrapot' like we have agrafarms now, we should limit the quantity each grower should grow


    There are no ethics in business  


    We'd all like to see 'ethics in business' .  I like to think that the corporations, driven by instant profits, are the problem & if they did not exist that it would be different.  But, then The Gilded Age stands in refute, eh?

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    porciniak wrote:


    There are no ethics in business  


    There are always ethics in business.  Just too often, they're really bad ethics and sometimes they border on the evil.



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    Well, I suppose you're partially correct:




    [eth-iks]  Show IPA

    plural noun

    ( used with a singular or plural verb ) a system of moral principles: the ethics of a culture.



    the rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc.: medical ethics; Christian ethics.



    moral principles, as of an individual: His ethics forbade betrayal of a confidence.



    ( usually used with a singular verb ) that branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions.



    If one uses #2 then I'd say that yes, businesses all have ethics; however if one tosses in the term 'moral' , #1, then I'd say no, they don't, for that brings 'right conduct' concept that businesses don't often seem to hold as a value. Business is business, as they say.  How else can we explain IBM or Benz?


    One incident stands out from my early adulthood.  My boss got a brand new Benz,  showing the car  to a colleague elicited only one response "Smells like burnt flesh".  How many of us are willing to be socially unacceptable, blunt, & perhaps a bit rude in response to such business 'ethics'?  Granted they had professionally 'grown up' together, thus this type of liberty was not what it would have been to a stranger.


    On a smaller scale, look at what we do every day that contributed to the rise and pollution of China's business & environment.


    omg, sorry ..  I'm grateful every day that the amt of garbage I generate is minimal, my recycling more  voluminous.

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    In my opinion, the best way to limit the growth of big business in marijuana is to outlaw TV and radio advertising such as is the case now with alcohol and nicotine products.  If that were done, it would not be possible to easily advertise particular brands.  The sale of marijuana should be kept on a small scale as is the situation now.  Another advantage of legalization, would be to put Mexican drug lords and their associated violence out of business.



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