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Medical Marijuana

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A week ago tomorrow, I began my use of medical marijuana (MMJ).  I've waited a few days to acknowledge this to see if anyone commented on how my responses have become more rambling than is normal for me.  Having read no such comments, I'll assume ya'll don't think I've begun wandering off among the little animals.


My reason for using it is recurrent nausea that has simply been making me sicker and sicker.  I think my GVH is acting up in my gut.


Thing is, with over 25% of our states now allowing it, I never see any mention of it here.  Am I the only one on these boards making use of this?  If so, why?


It's helped with my nausea, so far, though it hasn't eliminated it.  It just makes it less noticeable.  It's also supposed to work on severe cramps so I'm interested in seeing what response I have in the winter.  I usually have incredibly debilitating cramps throughout the cold months.


I'm sure this is just coincidence but the GVH patch on my skin seems to finally be clearing up dramatically this past week.  Then again, MAYBE there's something in MMJ that affects GVH, too.  Who knows?  I think I read something many years ago about pot having an affect on the immune system but I could be misremembering.


Anyway, this forum has been kind of inactive lately.  Maybe this will get something started?

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    If anyone can get something started, it will be you!!!    Seems like you've given Kelly plenty of ammo for an entertaining response, if nothing else.  Hope the stuff helps you.


    - WBF


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    Hey dude.  That's like so far out that you're seeking help for your mental (or did you say physical) problems.  Don't you know that stuff can make you sterile?  I mean what would the world be like without more Tex's running around.  Oh wait, that may be a good thing.


    No, haven't noticed that you ramble any more than you normally ramble.  The trouble with this is that you'll be too laid back to recognize a decent insult.  I'll admit there were times I wondered how I could get some MMJ to help with the nausea of chemo.  Since it's probably the second biggest cash crop in KY (next to terbakky), you'd think I'd know how to score some.


    You might have stirred up more controversy over those grits than you will here.  Someone over there missed their dose of anti-sensitivety meds.



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    If you ever actually make a decent insult, I'll let you know.  So far, I haven't noticed any even without the aid of Mary Jane.


    Is KY one of the 14 states that has legalized MMJ?  If so, talk to your doc.  If not, well, what are brothers for?  Especially international jet setting brothers?


    Not really looking for controversy.  I was actually thinking we might have some fun with this topic.  More than anything, though, I'm really looking for folks who use it so we can compare notes.


    As for the grits, I used to be upset that my grandson has such a limited diet.  Then I remembered, more for me.  So, if Yanks and Canucks don't want 'em, we'll keep the tasty dishes to ourselves.

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    Haven't noticed any nonsensical rambling ... but I'll be interested to hear if it helps your cramping in the winter... my bro and I were just talking about it, and I was saying if he keeps having cramping issues with long-term cGVHD or something, if I were him, I'd be inclined someday to move to a state where it's legal.  Just seems silly to me to not make it regulated and legal at least for people who could really benefit from it.  (We may have grits here in TN, but no MM.  Oh well.)

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    My doc prescribed marijuana in pill form (marinol) to help with nausea and weight gain. Unfortunately, it didn't work at all for me, and actually made me have a "bad trip" now and then. My husband and brother tried it, and it "worked" for them. I still have a lot of tablets left, which I'd send you Tex but we'd probably both be arrested.


    My doctor said that this drug only works well in about 25% of his patients. It turns out that my nausea and lack of weight gain had to do with gvh. Once on prednisone, the nausea stopped and I gained 10 lbs.


    I would give the marijuana a try because it can help. Just treat it as you would any mind-altering drug and don't drive, operate heavy machinery, etc.

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    Really naive here . . .


    I don't need it, however, I do not tolerate narcotics well.  If I should ever need to take something I would seriously consider MJ.


    Now dumb question:  How do you take it?  Smoke it?  I can't stand the thought of smoke in my lungs.


    So inform and educate Miss Pollyanna.

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    Nope it's not legal in Kyland.  We have too many fundamentalists for anything like that to ever pass.  They'd rather grow tobacco and spout about the evils of alcohol.  We have a governor who insists that the answer to Ky's econmic woes lies in legalized gambling.  He's dreaming if he thinks he can get that through the southern belt of this state.

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    Wish I could send him some to see if it works.  I can't even share it with my wife and stay legal.  Thankfully, she's never cared for it.  Red wine is much cheaper.


    If he's intersted in relocating you can Google the 14 states that allow it.  Of course most states are so lax these days he could probably get it from any friend.  But the purity is more guaranteed with the legal stuff.

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    Very kind offer but I've got a bottle of Marinol sitting in my fridge.  The problem with it was it just put me to sleep and it took 30 minutes to work.  That's a long time to deal with this kind of nausea.


    I don't kow if it's that I'm bigger (heavier) than you or that I'm experienced, though out of practice, with pot.  It doesn't trip me at all.


    If you need some help when the Pred is gone and it's legal, you might give it a try.  So far, it's helped a good bit.

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    rellaann wrote:


    So inform and educate Miss Pollyanna.


    Well,  first of all, it's not a narcotic.  It's officially listed as a  hallucinogen.  I never bought that description until I had a little too  much of this medical grade stuff.  I couldn't believe how strongly a  little bit could hit you.  I actually tripped a little.  The solution to  that, of course, don't take so much.  (I smoked about half a  joint...nothing compared to my college years.)


    You  can smoke it, I'm really not supposed to smoke since my SCT so I've been  trying other ways.  They make tinctures which you use by putting a drop  ot teo sublingually (under the tongue).  I think that's going to wind  up being my preferred way of doing it.


    However, you can  bake it into brownies or cakes or pretty much anything.  Back in  college I made some tasty green pancakes which kicked butt.  At the  dispensaries, they also have things like candy, ice cream, syrups, lemonade and sodas.  I can't remember what all.  It's a bit overwhelming.  You can also buy a vaporizer which draws out the essential ingredients before igniting them so you just have a vapor instead of actual smoke.


    So there are a lot of ways to take it.  One of the big things is how quickly you want it in you system.  Smoking, vaporizing or using a tincture are the quickest ways...they're almost instantaneous.  Eating or drinking it is slower.


    The most interesting change to me about being able to go to a store is the choices of types.  I never knew this but there are two different basic types of plant, sativa and indica.  The "cannabinoids" are different in each.  Most of the stuff they sell are hybrids with different amounts and potencies of the two types.  So one actually has to shop around and try some to find out what combination works for them.


    This is a lot different than when I handed the guy a $10 bill and he handed me a bag of whatever was in it.  But that was a long time ago.  Still, I imagine most illicit dealers only have one strain at a time and only have their suppliers word as to type, potency and purity.


    Finally, and this is a weird change, in CO we're allowed to grow our own.  You can buy started plants at the dispensaries.  Walking out of a store with a quarter ounce of weed, different samples of candy and tinctures and a plant in a bag while a cop drove by...well, that just about blew up my brain.


    Hope this wasn't a lot more education than you wanted.

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    I'll tell you what, we have folks who are trying to keep the dispensaries out of their neighborhoods (let other neighborhoods have them, though).  We also have towns where some people are trying to go "dry."  But the increase in sales tax revenues is just becoming too big for city mothers and fathers to ignore.  Right now MMJ dispensaries are producing a lot of revenue in CO that wouldn't exist if they didn't exist.


    I think this is what's going to ultimately crack the ridiculous prohibition we've had for nearly 80 years.  It's hard to ignore the tax revenues in financially difficult times.


    I'll never understand what tobacco growers see against it.  It's probably a much larger cash crop than tobacco and would likely remain so after total legalization.  It wouldn't be that difficult to retool as there wouldn't be a lot to do.  And with tobacco use decreasing, it only makes sense they'd want to jump on the bandwagon.


    Oh, well.


    I do find it funny that people bitch about alcohol in the homeland of one of my favorite spirits, bourbon.  KY would be poorer without it.

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    No, no, not too much information . . . yet, very interesting indeed!  I'm glad the stuff doesn't have to be inhaled any more!


    The stuffs legal here in the big sky country, MT.

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    Okay, for some reason I'd been attaching "Big Sky" to Wymoing.  What are they, the Cowboy State?


    I've lived in the Lone Star State and Native America (OK) but I still haven't figure out what the heck CO is.  Isn't it required that each state have a distinctive and descriptive slogan?

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    A friend of mine that I met during treatment gave me some of this, what a bunch of garbage! It just made me dopey as hell. Just smoke the real stuff.....

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