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My name is Andi, I am a mother of 5 boys, my middle son 9, was diagnosed with t-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in on September 16, 2011.  But our story begins in June of 2011 just after his 9th birthday, he started to complain of arm pain and leg pain, it was never the same arm or leg each time he would complain so I had assumed that he was going through a growth spurt as it was just after his birthday and each of the other boys including him in the past have complained as they grew. One day in July he was still complaining of his body hurting and now it is was also his back and stomach and then he threw up, so I made an appointment with the pediatrician where he assured me after doing a couple of tests that Christian had Mono,and that he would need to ride this out, for weeks I was back and fourth to the doctors where he would tell me after he would take more blood that it was just the mono and we would just have to wait it out, I asked the doctor about leukemia as he was showing a couple of signs of that the doctor had told me if "Christian had Leukemia or anything like that, that his blood count would really out of whack and everything is with in 'normal range'."


Christian started the 3rd grade and was constantly in pain and in the nurses office, I would then call and make more doctors appointments, where he would try and give us pain management, then One day the school nurse calls me and tells me that she has been watching Christians knee and it was starting to swell, and was feverish.  so the next day I called to make another appointment but by the time they called me back it was too late in the afternoon, so I had made it for the following day at 10.  Christian was up all night in pain, so the next morning I dropped off the other  kids at school and took him to the Doctors office We were there from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.  the Doctor was calling his colleagues trying to figure out what was going on with Christian, and what the next move was, he sent us over to do an leg x ray and sent us home to wait for results.


I went and picked up my oldest so he could babysit so I could go fill more prescriptions for Christian and pull him out of school.  when the Dr. called me back and told me to take him to Texas Children's Hospital immediately as the xray showed that he had a fracture in the leg that was not swollen it was fractured in two places.  When we got here our little world was turned upside down, and has not been the same since, the Doctors took an xray and came and talked to us and told us Christian did not have a broken leg that they were looking at cancer,  I have yet to really take it all in.


We are about to start the Maintenance phase of his treatment, I wish I had known about this forum during some of his harder treatments, but I am so grateful to have such a great support with family and friends, I hope to make some friends who have been on this road or going through it with me that can understand what I am going through.

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    Hi Abienek,

    Sorry it took so long for anyone to respond. This part of the LLS doesnt get much foot traffic from us regulars. I cant give you much info because my husband was the patient with pre B ALL dx 12/22/10 at age 24, but I do strongly suggest that you post this stuff here:


    In the LLS discussion boards, there are many subgroups, one of them being my child has cancer. It is very active and there are lots of people there.


    I wish you the best!

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