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CBC results and steroids

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Hello everyone,


I have Addison's Disease (actually, Schmidt Symdrome) and recently had to take a trip to the ER for it ( happens frequently.).  In addition to my normal vomiting, dizziness and fatigue, my hips have been killing me and ive had a headqche that wont quite leave. While there, they ran the usual tests and my CBC showed I am anemic and that my platelets were a 36.  The ER doc said that under normal circumstances, he would order more test to rule out Leukemia but that since I have other diseases,he didn't and said to get. Follow up CBC done and an appt with my Endo.  He gave me several doses of decadron that he said should boost my platelets (and is also the treatment for Addison's ). He also said to keep taking my daily hydrocortisone.  I went to my primary care three days later and had more blood drawn, this time still anemic but platelets were in lower normal range.  He said he didn't really understand my disease and to ask my Endo.  Went to Endo the next day and she said they should have tested further for Leukemia and that my primary would have to do it.  I called primary back and he said to give it a few weeks and we will check again.  Any thoughts from anyone?

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    How anemic are you?  There's a big difference between a HGB of 13.2 and 10.2, especially if they stay that way.


    You should be able to ask for a CBC to put your mind at ease.  Still, if the doc wants to wait a short time, I don't think I'd get overly concerned about what the tests have shown.



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