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Hi! I'm new and have a few questions.

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I haven't been diagnosed but I was wondering a few things about Leukemia in general.

My biggest question is can they tell by a basic blood test if you have Leukemia? I've heard it's possible in some cases. I guess I just want a better answer on that one. You see I'm 24 and I'm exhausted 24/7 I mean the work I do is exhausting in it's self I will not lie. But even on my days off if I have two or three in a row....I NEVER re-coup. I mean I stand up and have to sit right back down. I sleep for eight hours straight and could go back to bed for another 12. I mean all of the people I work with are my age and they move a million times faster then I do....there is even an older woman she has to 60 and she moves twice as fast as I do. And no I'm not being a lazy sod. I just do not have any energy. At all what-so-ever.  And it's frustrating. Not to mention feeling so weak! So I looked up Anemia thinking...yes this must be it. I have every single symptom.

While I was looking that up I began thinking about other things in my periods are not normal...I've had heavy three week periods for about a year now. I also feel like I have the flu every day of the week And there are little reddish purple spots about the size of a needle point appearing all over my body. flat to the surface and some times itchy. Not always. I learned they were called Petechia (spelling?) It's actually those spots that led me here especially putting all of this together. I need answers. I have a blood draw scheduled for tomorrow. So that's why I want to know about being able to find it.

I was also wondering how important are the Petechia? I mean if I don't have cancer are they themselves life threatening?




P.S. I hope I didn't come off rude! I really don't want to! I'm just wanting answers because I'm tired of being tired and all of the things I listed above.

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    Dear Skye07


    Please make an appointment and get a full blown physical which should include a blood work up. That would be a good starting point. Also after that consider a good exercise   regimen and by all means make sure you get adequate sleep.



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      Thank you JohnC I will do what I can with the doctors...I'm currently waiting for my 90 days at work (work is doing a wellness exam tomorrow where there will be a blood draw) to be up so I can get insurance. I do exercise already I walk my dogs at least two to three times a week (depending on weather and if I can do it) for at least two to three hours per session-they are high energy breeds. But even with that and eating healthy everyone else my age still runs circles around me. As for sleep I thought I was getting too little so I added to it but then I thought I was getting too much...I've settled for eight hours.

      Thank you once again!

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    Well, you might already be at the doctor...or lab.  Not sure if the blood draw is in conjunction with a trip to the doc.


    There are a lot of things that can cause fatigue.  Medication, poor nutrition, there's even something called chronic fatigue syndrome. 


    Anyway, to address your concerns, the docs can look at your blood work and figure out a lot.  They could even be pretty sure if the blood showed leukemia but I was told I had Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia (CLL) over a year and a half before my Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).  They recognized some "blasts" in my blood as CLL but my future oncologist couldn't find a thing to indicate it.


    In other words, they can get it wrong by looking at the blood work.  They might know something's up but they really can't make a solid diagnosis without something called a bone marrow biopsy (BMB).  That's where they drill into your hip bone and take some fluid and a bone chip from your marrow.  Then they can make a good dx.


    I'm not saying you'll need one but it would rule out any concerns.  However, your doc will look at your counts and determine if it is even worth going in.  If your counts are in the normal range, there probably won't be a BMB unless you push for it and maybe not even then.


    The petechiae are little bruises.  You can get them from being scraped but if you get hit with something like a coffee table corner (my bane) they will tend to look more like a typical and a good-sized spot.


    The petichiae probably indicate that you have low platelets (PLT).  That could be from leukemia or any number of other diseases/illnesses/conditions.  PLT are important because they clot our blood when we're bleeding.  But a lack of them does not indicate leukemia in and of itself.


    There's a little info for you.  Your doc will makes the calls but maybe you can talk to him/her with a little more confidence now?  Hope so.



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      Thank you for the information Tex! I just...all of it has been going on for a year and a half (no money for the doc before). I exercise regularly. I eat well...even changed up  my diet thinking I wasn't eating well enough. Not stressed. But yet this is all happening and has been. I looked up Anemia and yes I have all of the signs every single one I'm just hoping it's chronic fatigue or something...something, that isn't Leukemia.

      The blood draw was just something through work. It wasn't mandatory or anything it was basically sign up get your blood drawn just to make sure you are healthy type of thing...I don't know what all it will check.

      When I looked up the Petechiae everything pointed to Leukemia so I looked it up and even though there are symptoms similar to Anemia it keyed off on some other things for me as well. That and I have a good family history in the cancer business. So that's why I'm kind of might just be. But I'm telling myself it's not.

      But truly thank you for the information because if I do get a call or letter...however they let you know. I know what to talk to my doctor about if need be. Thank you so much!

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