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Too many questions, not enough answers.

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Hello, everyone.


For the past month or so, I've had a swollen lymph node, a moderate - high fever daily, as well as night sweats and very itchy skin.

A day after I found the swollen node, I went into urgent care; who put me on meds to kill any infection I might of had. Well, a week passed and I still had the swollen node, I did as instructed and went to the ER who did CBC, and my tests came back as normal besides anemia.


On Thursday, I went to see another doctor, who did even more blood tests only after I strongly suggested them. The results were the same, anemia. I guess my question is, am I making all this up in my head? I feel horrible, and I'm tired. It seems like no one is listening me... How many doctors do I have to go to?


I was told, "No one ever does a biopsy, for something after a month of finding it."


Is that true? Should I get a second opinion?


Any answers would really help.

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    Your symptoms could be several things, including early stage Lymphoma, and it also depends on the size of the lymph node.  Anything under 1 cm may not be taken very seriously by doctors.  The docs are right about timing, but I would personally want an Xray of the torso to look for internal swollen lymph nodes, especially because of the itching symptom.  Early stage Lymphoma is hard to diagnose, so a "watch and wait" approach is fairly normal.  But do not ignore other possibilities such as a virus or infections which your particular antibiotic may not have been effective against.  Not all antibiotics can knock down every infection, and they do nothing for viruses.  From what you say the docs are following standard procedure.  But that does not mean you should not ask for the Xray, if you wish.

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      When I was last at the doctor, I was tested for everything, from strep to HIV and lyme disease. Everything came back as fine. The swollen lymph node (that I've had for a month) is about an inch, recently a second node has swollen up on my left side, is about the size of a bean. I have another appointment this Friday, and I'll suggest the x-ray.


      Thanks, Trey for the info. I guess I'm bad at waiting, since I'm very nervous and scared.

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    Am sorry to hear that I have the same symptom for the past 2yrs .



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