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Low blood pressure

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So docs are telling us that Bradeigh might be able to go home soon, but they are having problems with her blood pressure running really low. They said that they don't really see it happening with any of the drugs she is getting for standard Induction.  Have any of you all dealt with CK's and low blood pressure?





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    Is it possible she's dehydrated, or her kidneys aren't functioning well?  Seems unlikely, but you never know. I hope you get it straightened out soon and she goes home too.


    Take care,


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    I My DD was 2.5 at dx. She also had low bp. Her potassium level was low at dx. Everything was such a blur, I can't remember how the treated the issue, but it was detected at dx and was back to normal within a day or two. We only spent 5 days inpatient at dx. She's never had an issue with low bp since (7 months).

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    Joey(14, original DX Aug. '08, relapse Aug. '10) has had blood pressure issues on several occasions. If he sits up straight and they check his right arm, the reading is usually higher than the left. I have no idea why. Once after a dose of Pentamadine we came very close to being admitted for low bp but a couple bolis (sp?) of fluids perked him up. He did end up inpatient following an ITMX b/c his blood pressure crashed. Fluids seem to be the key for Joey.



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