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Seriously, why now?

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Elle is 27 months old this week, yay!  She has finished her HD MTX and has one more day left of the HD ARA-C. For the longest time before her dx her pedi was concerned with her lack of verbal skills (at 27 months she only knows/correctly uses about ten words, does not speak in sentences yet, etc.).  Just before her leukemia dx we were having her evaulated by a speech therapist/language pathologist and this week we got the diagnosis confirmed that she isn't just a late talker...she has language apraxia of childhood, a severe lanugage disorder/delay.  She now is getting three days a week of one on one speech therapy in addition to her tough chemo regimen.  Seriously, why does it all happen at once.

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    I'm so sorry -- it's all just too much to handle on top of the cancer, isn't it?  I have always felt that our cancer kids should get a pass on any other problems in life.  Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way


    To give you hope, one of my non-CKs (my now 11-year-old daughter) was dxed with language apraxia when she was three (yep, I waited WAY too long to get that diagnosis -- her preschool teacher sat me down and told me something was really really wrong.  I didn't realize it because we are a family of late talkers who all needed speech therapy to learn to speak etc, so I didn't realize how bad it was for her.)  She is now in 6th grade, extremely bright, and in gifted and talented math AND language arts.  Language apraxia does pose additional challenges academically, but it can be overcome.  And the fact that you are starting intensive speech therapy at such a young age is incredible.  If we had started a year earlier, I think it would have made a big difference.


    But yes, the timing is difficult. So sorry you have any additional challenges to deal with.  It seemed like life just slammed us right after my daughter's diagnosis.  We made it through, though.



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    You certainly have a full dance card!  Keep your chin up and accept the offers of help for your children.

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