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ok i have been on sprycel now for almost 2 weeks. dose is 100. i am still havin terrible headaches,fatigue is bad,my feet sweat at night,hot flashes,low body temps,yesterday it was 96.7 has spiked up to 99.1 i usually run 97.6.  diareah,stomach pain bone and muscle pain brain fog .man this is not what i would wish on my worst starting to think this is one of those kill or cures. lol. i go see a cml specialist in a couple of days. so am hoping she might have some suggestions as to what to do.and this not being able to take my prilosec is killing me. tums,and all others is like eating candy. i have gained 50lbs in the last year due to tasigna and now i am on sprycel and i feel full all the time appetite what appetite,i eat a half of sandwich and i feel like i just ate a platter full of food,but of course NO lost weight. i have also been a plus size woman,but b4 i was dx in 09 i lost so much weight i got down to a 14 wow,then i started on treatment and have ballooned to a what a life i lead huh. im really tired of being sick. sometimes i feel like just stopping it all and let GOD take me home. i am depressed over this have crying spells,and feel like i am just a useless blob of fat.b 4 i was dx i was the one who took care of it all. i was caring for my dying husband.he lived just a few short mos after my dx. i have lost everything. i have a live in partner now. i feel really worthless,he cleans the house cooks and does it all as i cannot seem to get up the strength to do much. oh i cook every now and then,do some clothes take care of my zoo, i can. but damn it im the one who should be doing it all and all i want to do is either sleep or just sit. man i HATE it.ok yes i am feeling sorry for my self sorry!!!!

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    want to thank you all! i was at a real low point l;ooking for some support BUT I NEVER GOT ONE PERSON TO RESPOND. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Sarah, I am so so sorry that no one answered you when you were looking for support.  I think the problem is that you posted under the forum used mainly by folks with PV and ET, and who don't know much about your disease nor your medication.  Occasionally others do post under this part of "Living with . . ." but not that often.  If you go back to the "Living with . . . Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia" section, you will find others who have the same form of cancer you have, and who are taking the same medication.  They will respond quickly to you, I'm sure, and will understand what you're going through.  Please try there, and don't give up on the LLS folks!  I think you'll find lots of support once you land in the forum with all the other CML'ers.


      I hope you're feeling better today, and that you will continue to improve.  Good luck!!!

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