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Son going into transplant MRD+

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First a little background

My son, 14yrs old, relapsed Nov 2011 and has done 2 cycles of chemo trying to get MRD down before transplant.  After the first cycle; clofarabine,cyclophosphamide and etoposide; his MRD was down to 0.017. Docs decided to one more cycle in the hopes of getting rid of the last bits.  He did HD ARAC and asperiginase but his MRD has increased to 0.31.  Now Docs are saying get to transplant right away because they aren't controlling leukemia.  He will be getting double cord blood transplant that is scheduled for Feb 29th.  We are trying to move it up a week.  But haven't "met" the transplant team yet as we are 3-4 hours away from center, so its been Onc here talking to team there.


Ok now my question

For all you research gurus  Do you know the implication of going into transplant MRD+? I know its not good but cannot find any current studies that quantify the higher risk.


Anyone with experience going into transplant with less than ideal situations. Does this happen often?


Thanks Nana

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    I can't answer your questions, but I wanted to bump this up and hope that someone else would see it and be able to...


    You didn't state if your son would be having a fully ablative transplant with chemo and radiation...his residual disease levels don't seem too high at this point that I would think that with a fully ablative regimen he would be ok...that being said I AM NOT A DR. so I can't say for sure...


    Hopefully someone with more experience in this area will chime in soon and help answer some of your questions. but remember statistics are based on past experiences...your son is a STATISTIC OF ONE and there is no reason he can't come through this ok...


    have faith, breathe - not always easy things to do...sending good thoughts and prayers your way



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    Shay's  9.  He could tell ya all about it.  He's headed for a BMT.  Contact me if you think the boys could help each other thru this by being email pals.  Sometimes they get what;s going on more than we do.  Namaste'

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