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Issues Fundraising

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Hi, I've been a part of the program for a couple of months now but have only recently managed to get enough time to do fundraising between school, work and practice. I've gotten donations here and donations there but as I start branching out for donations outside my network of friends, family, and colleagues, I'm running into an issue: people are skeptical as to whether or not I'm really receiving donations for the charity. A lot of people haven't heard of team-in-training, moreso, people can't exactly verify whether or not I'm actually a member and if the money they're donating is going to LLS or not. If there any way, aside from the website that comes with the membership, that I'd be able to verify right on the spot that I am a Team-in-Training member and not some scam artist?


At this point, I've gotten all the donations I can from my network of friends, family, etc (which unfortunately, isn't much) and need to look into other avenues, but this has more than stopped one or donations from coming in and I don't know how to solve it. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Fundraising is not easy for me either. I plan to sell something or have a fundraising event to raise money. I think it is a nice way to give something to people for their support and it will give me an opportunity to talk more about what I'm doing and why I am doing it. I plan to ask a local church to have a spaghetti dinner for me or sell Avon as a way to raise funds. I hope this helps.

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    Maybe you could bring along some information packets with you when you approach someone for a donation. Seeing information with the LLS and TNT logos, as well as photos of past participants may help others see that this is the real deal. ;-) It is important that potential donors understand what an impact LLS has on blood cancer patients and their families. In addition, the money that LLS pours into cancer research each year is actually helping blood cancer patients "live better, longer lives". Are you asking for cash donations? Let people know they can make checks out to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (or donate safely online via your fundraising site). I don't think you will not be mistaken for a "scam artist" if you are asking for checks made out to LLS. You say that many people have not heard of Team in Training. I bet more people have heard of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society... I'd lead with that. Good Luck!


    Another idea- I was able to create some awesome posters for the offices that my mom, sister, and aunt work in. I used the LLS and TNT logos that are available to us by logging in to our fundraising sites. These posters had a couple photos of me at past endurance events and a brief description of LLS. It clearly stated how to support my fundraising efforts. I included my TNT fundraising site and added that checks made out to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society could also be handed directly to my relatives. Hope this helps!

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