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  • 105. Re: New to the group. Just diagnosed at 32
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    Life with caner is not easy but through acceptance and with your love one's supporting you, I know you can easily handle this trial. It is also important to know some facts regarding your situation. Try visiting this site on hodgkins lymphoma There are lots of other information on the page as well for Non-Hodgkins lymphoma for you understand more about your current situation now.

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    Hi Fran and Jim--how's everything going? Thank you for our encouraging words and advice and fun Wal-mart story. Laughter is good medicine. I am resting now because for the past 2 days I have had lower back pain and lower abdominal pain that only vicodin can help. We went to the cancer center first thing this morning and saw the PA, who thinks it is nothing serious. He said I should call if it doesn't improve by next Tuesday. I guess at that point they would order an x-ray or ct scan.  My white blood cell count is 1.9, not abnormal for day 10 after r-chop, right? He did not mention a neulasta shot. I never got my husband's cold (he has been sleeping in our son's room). I just have heartburn, mouth ulcers, body aches, headache, and hoarseness. Should the back pain go away before the next infusion? My biggest lymph nodes are in my abdomen/retroperItoneal space, so could the pain just be the r-chop blasting the cancer? My husband and kids are hanging in there, but I worry about them worrying about me.



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    Inga, I remember having  a lot of pain in my shoulders that was really rough.  I did give myself the neulasta shots and they caused all kinds of bone pain.  By the second month that didn't happen as much.  The second bout of cancer I had was in my pancreas area and during chemo I had quite a bit of pain and I chalked it up to the chemo doing it's job.  Glad you didn't get that cold. Take care of yourself and rest when you need to.  


    xo Fran

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    Hi Inga,


    I had the same sensation in my hip area, the docs said its common for a pain/dull ache in the area of the largest concentrations which in my case is my hip lymph nodes. It passed after a couple of days and at least you get the feeling that the chemo/anitbody is doing its job!


    All the best for now



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    Hi Hiram,


    CONGRATULATIONS!  I'm doing the happy dance jig just for you and so glad you can't see me through the computer while I do it.  LOL 


    I apologize for being away so long.  I was taking care of my dad long distance and that ended on May 2 when he walked through the doors of heaven.  The last year had lots of ups and downs for my dad and apparently for you too.


    I'm just thrilled you've achieved remission and pray it will be long and you will stay healthy.




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