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Practice Schedule - Week 1

Posted by abirkenstamm in Amanda's Racing Blog on Oct 27, 2008 3:23:10 PM

This is just an example of my practice schedule. Looking at it makes me slightly nervous but what doesn't kill me can only make me stronger (or so they say - i hope "they" are right)









  • coached run at Green Lake Track (my thoughts wander back to high school - ugh oh)

  • 45 minute (doesn't sound too bad?!)




  • on your own stregnth training ("I will pump you UP!")




  • coached swim at Medgar Evers Pool

  • 50 minutes (omg)-note to self: swimming is all the rage after summer olympics




  • on your own run

  • 50 mins - including 20 min tempo (no idea - tempo? perhaps that includes a fast paced walk?)




  • on your own stregnth training




  • on your own bike (include rolling hills) for one hour

  • anyone actually think Eric will join me on this saturday jaunt?




  • oooh fantasy football day -- must fit in a 40 minute swim. well there is always that lag in time between the 4pm game and SNF (east coast time of course)