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Hello, my name is Deb.

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I have been watched for for polycythemia vera and von willebrands for the last couple of years.   Blood tests last week had results all over the place and anam scheduled to have another bone marrow biopsy in  2 weeks.


My JAK2 has been negative, positive, negative and negative.


Current CBC results are within normal ranges with the following exceptions:


- RED BLOOD CELL COUNT @ 5.44 x10E6/uL 3.76-4.93
- HEMOGLOBIN @ 17.3 g/dL 11.5-14.6
- HEMATOCRIT @ 49.5 % 34.0-42.1

- PLATELET COUNT, AUTO @ 125 x10E3/uL 143-398
- Platelet clumps may affect accuracy
- Platelet clumps-count approximate
- Appears slightly higher on smear

- NUCLEATED RBC%, AUTOMATED @ 1.0 % 0.0-0.0
- NEUTROPHIL PERCENT, AUTO @ 36.0 % 40.1-75.9

- MONOCYTE PERCENT, AUTO @ 12.1 % 3.4-11.9

- CHLORIDE @ 97 mmol/L 98-108
- GLUCOSE @ 103 mg/dL 65-100

- TOTAL PROTEIN @ 8.8 g/dL 6.2-8.3

- AST (SGOT) @ 96 U/L 7-36
- ALT (SGPT) @ 137 U/L 4-45


Does anyone here have a clue as to what all of this might mean?  Thank  you very much.

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    There seems to be a reason for watching for PV, although the recent negative JAK2 findings are a good sign so far.  But sometimes a doc can let a presumption overrule other possibilities.  If it were me, I would be more concerned with figuring out the reason for the elevated ALT and AST which can point to liver issues (but not always).  The platelet clumping should also be investigated further, especially in view of the high ALT and AST.  Whether all issues are related, or a couple different issues are involved, only your doc (probably a hematologist specialist) and more testing can figure out.

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    I recommend heading on over here "" That's where the MPD folks tend to hang out and will have some good insights for you. Also is another very useful resource.

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