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    I have just come back from being away for a week or so and am just devastated to hear the news about Sharon. Your description of a punch in the stomach is exact - I feel that way too. It is so hard to realize she is gone - she has been such a support to me through my journey with this wretched disease and we are all going to miss her so so much. My heart goes out to her husband and family - i hope time eases their loss. I am just lost for words.

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    Net Newt (Lynn?) I wondered where you are. We have a new thread Sharon's Table under Let's Just Talk. We are meeting there today at 2pm MO time when her service is going to be. Please come and join us. Love,Judy

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    Dear Dawnsie,


    Thankyou for your kind words.  Sharon told me of her political jousts from time to time.  That never got in the way of her love for you and those on this board.



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    Thanks Mike, that means a lot to me that she shared those thoughts with you & that we became close from afar.. Maybe God takes his favorites sooner. She was one of mine.  After all if theres a utopian world up there in heaven, or even if there is one, maybe she is flying or floating around up there like a bird without having to think about all the minutia of this world anymore.  She would have risen above politics & its parties, sickness, & injustice etc..& maybe thats what they mean by being in a better place. Also, if I have a strange philosophy about all this its because I am half agnostic & half not. So I am a religious mutt I guess.  The beliefs I have are how I choose to interpret them &  not neccessarily following any organized religion or anyone else.  But Sharon always accepted me anyway and if I took a wrong turn and went off the beaten path, she oftentimes knew which road to advise me to take.  


    I hope I am not being too intrusive by asking this but whenever you feel like sharing or are ready - Can you tell us what happened medically towards the end?   I suppose we were all so shocked because we thought she was improving.   I know you might only stay on the site for a short while, so I thought I would ask before the opportunity is gone.  I think it would provide more closure for me and the others...& I certainly would understand if you didnt want to do that so soon.


    P.S.  I also would like to know where she got her funny expression "Bat Snot" from- Did she make that up?  That was one of her unique little funnies that made me laugh.. Well I hope that you that you will find comfort in the company of other family members or friends on Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays.  As Sharon would imply - Life must warrior on...  Dawnsie

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