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Participant's Talk about your expereience with your Mentors,Coach,Captain and Sag Support

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Did everything go smooth for you with all that information that is passed out in the begining? Did you connect with your Mentor? I would like to get some feedback if anyone is interested in giving it on how things worked for them. There is alwasy room for improvement.









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    Hi Kim



    The information packets passed out at our first meeting were very well put together.  In addition the packet given to us when we signed up was excellent.  It even had a CD to help with letters, web site set up and other parts of the program.  The Minnesota LLS office does an excellent job of providing the written material needed to complete a program.  The parts provide by the society are very complete and well done.  I've done a marathon, mentored a marathon, done 6 century rides, provided SAG for a century team and worked with a number of coaches.  Each coach has had a different approach and provided different materials.  I'm currently training for Hawaii and working with the 3rd cycle coach.  I'll tell you the quality of the coach hand outs varys significantly.  From excellent to mundane.  If you have the opportunity to work with a real coach that is a truely certified coach you'll find it a very valuable experiance.  When the coach is a "Cheer leader" you don't get much of an experiance.  The US Cycling certified coach provided significantly greater value of materials and well written hand outs and documentation.  The trained coach actually worked with you on the road and helped you improve your cycling.  The cheer leader coach was just that.  A newsletter with some spit out materials you can find on the web.  Very little road training.  I'm sure that this type of variation happens in all the events.  The marathon coaches I worked with were also certified and provided superior materials.  It is very important that the certification come from a professional cycle, race walk, running or swimming and Tri organization.  I don't think TNT certification is worth much.   The Seattle Chapter has a web site that is really excellent - gives you a great set of training information - National should do so well.    Hope that helps.



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