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When commenting on a discussion, I feel that it is important to remain focused on the topic, and not re-hash previous, non-relevant information, which has nothing to do with the topic. Frank

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    Some of us tend to hijack threads for a bit, get off the main topic, or take the uncharted path, but usually the threads come full circle and wind back to the original post.  I believe it is in part because there are so many people, someone will share a story or situation, then another member offers an opinion or thought, then the process continues.  I have unintentionally hijacked posts for a bit, but my posts have also been hijacked, I never minded; some of them ended up in jokes and laughter, something we all need.  All in all there is a boat load of support on this site, and although I understand your comment, we are human and reigning us all in to stay on topic would be almost impossible, I fear.  Much like a room full of people at an event.  The gathering might be because everyone in the room is a artist, but I bet there would be a large amount of conversation flitting about that had nothing to do with the original topic. 

    Thanks for the reminder, and the idea we all need to make sure the original thread does not become lost or forgotten, just because we all add our thoughts on different posts.  Each person on here needs support and help, and if a topic is posted, it is usually because there is a question or a need to be addressed.    Point taken


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    I would love to have you at work with me!  We have so many mtgs at work, it drives me nuts. Then when people get off topic, what should be a 30 min mtg morphs into a hour long gabfest. Garrrhhhh! 


    The nice thing about posts is that you can choose to read them or not. So if people wander off topic, just do a quick scan for relevance and move on.


    How I wish I could do the same at mtgs, just walk out of the room when the discussion takes a left turn. Instead, I have to play navigator and bring them back on course.   Now if only I could keep my very social, talkative colleague from insisting every thing needs a mtg....




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    Speaking of side effects.......

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