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Does anyone w/MPD - ET have breast implants? Registered Users
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My name is Diane and I would like to share my story.  I was diagnosed w/ET 4 1/2 yrs ago.  I explored other alternatives vs. traditional treatment available.  I have worked w/a bio-chemist and through his close watch, we have detoxified and supplemented and achieved 3 yrs. of normal platelets. 

The only factor that remains high are my WBC, and Neutrophils.  Obvious sign of unexplained(once again, auto immune)  inflammation/infection. Recently, I have also developed Rosacea ( another auto immune disorder-inflammation once again!).  I decided to look back at my blood chemistry starting in 1999.  In delving into my medical history, I realized my blood chemistry changed when I had breast implants.  Further research indicates that breast implants cause auto immune/connective tissue disorders.  Bone marrow is connective tissue!  Has anyone had breast implants?  This could be common ground worth exploring.  Needless to say, I am having them removed.  Be well and stay healthy.  Will keep you posted on progress.

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    Tina6 Registered Users
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    Hi Diane

    My name is Tina and I was diagnosed with ET about 18 months ago. I had breast implants in 2006. My platelets were normal towards the end of 2005 and I think that the implants may have something to do with my condition. I'm not sure if you have heard about the PIP implant scare in the UK but basically the silicone used for the PIP implants is industrial grade silicone and the rupture rate for the implants is much higher than normal. I'm due to have mine taken out on 3rd May. My doctor says there is no link but my plastic surgeon says the opposite! It would be a relief to know for certain if the implants have caused my ET.  I would be interested to hear if anyone else contacts you with ET/implants.


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      Hi Tina,


      I am aware of the PIP scare.  There is more than rupture rate to be scared of.  Degradation of outer shell, faulty valves,mold inside saline shell.  You name it. These should not be considered medical devices, for they are not made with integrity. They are being made all over the world. I had mine taken out on 4/24.  My surgeon removed them En-bloc so that the whole implant and capsule came out in as a whole unit.  My surgeon also did muscle repair.  I had saline implants ( which does not matter for they are just as bad).  There was black fungus on the valves !   That in itself can make someone very ill.  I have them being tested by a scientist Dr. Blais who specializes in implants.  He is based in Canada.  He told me I would see dramatic changes in my blood chemistry between 6months - 1 yr.  My biochemist said the same thing. ( Now we have to identify the fungus so that we can treat it). Dr. Blais was interviewed on a Canadian radio station.  It is 40 minutes in length and VERY informative.  I would be more than happy to share it with you.  Just send me your email address. 


      So your surgeon thinks there is a link?  Is he/she the one who put them in?  Interesting, not one plastic surgeon said there was a link.  My internist said there is literature of auto immune link ( although there is not enough scientific proof to tie the 2 together)


      I send you good thoughts for a speedy recovery.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


      Warm Regards...Diane :- )

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        My name is Emily, 25yo, dx with ET  @18. It is not uncommon for trauma/invasive procedures to shock the system and cause a massive increase in platelets. I do not have implants, however I did have a very invasive surgical procedure about 6 months before I was diagnosed, and I have always wondered if that is perhaps connected to my diagnosis. None of my docs (my hem/onc or surgeon) have really connected the two...but it seems awfully strange to have been diagnosed with this disease at 18, with no genetic predisposition (JAK2- and Philly-). I am trying to do independent research on it at the moment, but haven't found a whole lot.



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    JillFaith Registered Users
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    Hello, I am Jill and was diagnosised with PV in May, and have high red & white cells and platlets. I have breast implants which deflated several years ago and actually move. My doctor said they should not as they are held  by connective tissue between the rib case and muscle. You said bone marrow is connective tissue, so maybe my recent PV diagnosis is related to the implants as well, and the connective tissue is letting go as they clearly do move. In one mamograph photo you can see the edge of the deflated form, then by pushing it, it's not seen in the next photo of the same view! The doctors didn't think this was important.

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