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  • 225. Re: Prayers for Leann
    robbieh Registered Users
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    That's too bad.  Hope we haven't been hoodwinked.  My husband would say I don't always filter and get sucked in.  When I moved here he made me promise I wouldn't get sucked into friendships that take advantage of me.  LOL.  Either way, Karen is in my prayers.  As are all the families on here. 

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    pammartin Registered Users
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    Nicely stated.  I figure if you are here, you need help.  My only concern is this always the best place to get the help one needs.  In reply to Karen-is, if you have information regarding this, after you posted what you have, and especially with your name, perhaps you should either share, or you should remove your identity and begin another one.  If it is true, your name is quite offensive to the person you are referring too.  Everyone needs to remember this board is an open board, and it is veiwed by everyone.  There are no secrets here, and personal information can be found easily by putting in a few words of a post or your name.  Anyone can join and anyone can post.  It is easy to think it is a tight community and we all are going through similar circumstances, this just isn't true.  If that were the case I would not have to wade through posts about Oakley sunglasses and shoe sales much less diet products I am told I should be using.

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    pammartin Registered Users
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    Sent you a private message, I hope you have a wonderful day.  Love the avatar!

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    Brooke15 Community Administrator
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    Please note, the LLS Discussion Board is for support.  There is no way for anyone to verify that anyone on these boards has been diagnosed or had a loved one diagnosed with a blood cancer.  There is also no way of verifying anyone's life situations.  Unless someone is inappropriate or clearly does not abide by the guidelines of the board, they are welcome here.  Please be considerate to the fact that if people come here for support of any kind, they must truly need it.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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    pammartin Registered Users
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    Pretty sure we said the same thing.  Thanks for adding the post.


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    bravegirl Registered Users
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    Shocked!! That's the only word that I can think of..... And, of course, Angry.....What else can I say.... Please accept my prayers and well wishes to you and your family....

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    Shakinquaker Registered Users
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    We live in a world with plenty of negative and hard emotions.  This board is a supportive and encouraging place.  Please do not bring hate here.  And please change your name if you intend to post here.  If you would like to learn about our world, browse some of the other threads.  It isn't possible to verify information on the internet, and I think that, as adults, we accept a certain amount of risk when we allow ourselves to be emotionally vulnerable in a setting such as this.  That is a choice we make.  I think most of us agree that the return from this board far outweighs the risk.  So please do not attempt to take that from us by making this an ugly place when we have lost so much already. 

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    Elke'smom Registered Users
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    Beautifully said, Heather.


    Karen, I bonded with you.  And no matter wherein the truth lies, that bond was very real to me.  'Nuf said. 


    Karen, you and your family remain in my prayers.  They are needed, no matter the circumstances.



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    Peter'sMum Registered Users
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    Karen, if you are reading this, I appreciate the support that you gave me a few times.

    If everything is made up, I would just be glad to know that Leann didn't die in that extremely horrible way.

    It sure is a strange old world....


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    balkan123 Registered Users
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    I came on this  board one year back ....I am at India.......All the dads and moms were wonderful......We are united by a common pain......Karen did help with my queries....You are all wonderful people who helped me on every step I needed........We dont need blames or counter blames here.......and last thing required is negitivity ......It is well said" the return from this board far outweighs the risk ....".....Thank you all for all your replies.......I shall remain available for a long time to give my advice on quieries of any newcomers...if they come here..

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