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Lymph Node. When to be concerned? Paranoid.

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I had a cold a few weeks ago and I've had a swollen lymph gland on the left side of my neck for just over 2weeks. I went to the doctor and he told me to give it up to 5 weeks, everywhere I go on the internet says that they should only last up to 2 weeks. I have had a cold for this time but it's not a very bad one. It sometimes feels little bit uncomfortable to breathe. Not painful. It has gone down because it used to be noticeable without feeling it. The Lymph Node is about pea sized but not too sure, i'm not even sure if it's really a circle shape now, maybe a little smaller but isn't really noticable to the naked eye unless i strain my neck to the side. I can feel it and i can move it under the skin. I have no of the cancer related symptoms for Lymphoma, no fatigue or night sweats but i'm freaking out, I'm a hypochondriac.

Would you class it as "enlarged?"

Thank you!

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