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VERY IMPORTANT FOOD: research and treatment on stopping the actual disease process

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I'm a researcher by trade and so I have been reading and reading so  here is a post from Dr. H


It turns out that it is vital to treat everything that goes into our mouths as either medicine or a carcinogen. Based on the new research we should all consume a lot of foods with indole-3-carbinol and any other natural CDC25A reducers and aggressively avoiding carcinogens. The easiest way I’ve found to increase cell health and indole-3-carbinol consumption is to have this breakfast: fill a blender with 1/3 fresh or frozen cruciferous veggie, 1/3  dark frozen berries (like blueberries or a mixed berries), 1/3 Dole frozen fruits mix and a banana. Add water or OJ and blend on high for a few minutes.  You will not notice the veggies much and you get a bunch of great cancer fighters fast. NEVER drink carbonated beverages, never eat nitrate deli items or meats, never eat trans fat.

New research shows the JAK2 mutation causes disease by increasing CDC25A translation.  Very different research shows that CDC25A can be reduced by indole-3-carbinol which occurs naturally in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, collard greens and kale. DON’T consume supplements. Many cancer drugs work on this process but you can get it indole-3-carbinol without side effects in your diet.

I’ll cite the research below.  Eating for serious disease regression is very hard to learn and do and few people do it.  Now that I’m not just sick but diagnosed with a cancer I’m going to be rigorous.  If you want to improve take it very seriously.  I’d suggest buying the book  “Minding my Mitochondria: Minding My Mitochondria: How I Overcame Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Got Out of My Wheelchair” and following the dietary advice focusing especially on cruciferous vegetables. Also fruit and vegetables should not only be free of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides etc., but should also be grown on soil that has not been depleted of natural minerals and nutrients which means the more expensive organics which I’m going to have to start buying.  Boiling cruciferous vegetables from 9-15 minutes resulted in 18-59% decreases in the total glucosinolate content.


A large majority of patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) have a mutation in the JAK2 kinase, JAK2V617F, which creates disease by increasing CDC25A translation. Another line of research shows you can minimize the actual CDC25A disease process through indole-3-carbinol.


Gautier et al., The cell cycle regulator CDC25A is a target for JAK2V617F oncogene. Blood. 2012 Feb 2;119(5):1190-9.

The authors show that JAK2V617F increases CDC25A translation. This is effected by a

novel signaling pathway in which JAK2V617F decreases phosphorylation of elongation factor

eIF2_, thereby retaining or prolonging its activity, resulting in increased CDC25A translation.

Importantly, pharmacologic inhibition of JAK2V617F-mediated eIF2_ dephosphorylation

decreased proliferation of primary MPN cells. Furthermore, growth of EPOindependent

erythroid colonies (so-called endogenous erythroid colonies [EECs]), a pathognomonic

hallmark of polycythemia vera,6 was selectively and significantly inhibited by addition

of a pan-CDC25 inhibitor. These data demonstrate that mutant JAK2V617F actively influences cell-cycle regulation, thereby promoting cell proliferation. Notably, the study establishes CDC25A as a novel JAK2V617F target and suggests that its inhibition may impede growth of the MPN clone.


The natural compound indole-3-carbinol (I3C; found in vegetables of the genus Brassica) is a promising cancer prevention or therapy agent. The cell division cycle 25A (Cdc25A) phosphatase is overexpressed in a variety of human cancers and other diseases. In the present study, I3C induced degradation of Cdc25A, arrest of the G1 cell cycle, and inhibition of the growth of cancer cells. Study showed that the Ser124 site of Cdc25A, which is related to cyclin-dependent kinase 2, is required for I3C-induced degradation of Cdc25A in cancer cells, and that interruption of the ATM-Chk2 pathway suppressed I3C-induced destruction of Cdc25A.

Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 2010 Jul;3(7):818-28. Epub 2010 Jun 29.

A novel mechanism of indole-3-carbinol effects on breast carcinogenesis involves induction of Cdc25A degradation.

Wu Y, Feng X, Jin Y, Wu Z, Hankey W, Paisie C, Li L, Liu F, Barsky SH, Zhang W, Ganju R, Zou X.


Glucosinolate Content of Selected Cruciferous Vegetables (90)

Food (raw)


Total Glucosinolates
(mg/g of food)

Garden cress

½ cup (25 g)

  1. 3.9

Mustard greens

½ cup, chopped (28 g)

  1. 2.8

Brussels sprouts

½ cup (44 g)

  1. 2.4


1 tablespoon (15 g)

  1. 1.6


1 cup, chopped (67 g)

  1. 1.0


1 cup, chopped (34 g)

  1. 0.9


½ cup, cubes (65 g)

  1. 0.9

Cabbage, savoy

½ cup, chopped (45 g)

  1. 0.8

Cabbage, red

½ cup, chopped (45 g)

  1. 0.6


½ cup, chopped (44 g)

  1. 0.6


½ cup, chopped (67 g)

  1. 0.5

Bok choi (pak choi)

½ cup, chopped (35 g)

  1. 0.5


½ cup, chopped (50 g)

  1. 0.4

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