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help me so confused

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I am currently stationed overseas and i have a 4yr old son. for the past 8 days he has had a running fever jumping from 103 to 99, tired, hardly eating. we took him to the ER and they said his lymphnoids, splein, and liver were swollen. they told us he had a internal infection which is causing this. yet he has no runny nose cough nothing. yesterday i recieved a call and his white blood cells have doubled. i have to take him back to do another check on his white blood cells. I am very worried what this might mean my grandmother whom i was very close with died from lukemia 3yrs ago. Can someone please help me am i being a frantic mother who should i harras these doctors to do more test to insure he doesnt have lukemia?

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    I would push for them to do more test to be on the safe side.

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    I hope that by now the Doctors have found out what is going on with your son.  My son was diagnosed with T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  He is 12 years old, one day he was doing WII dance and the next day he was exhausted, I thought he had food poisoning.  Three days went by and he finally said mom please take me to the doctor.  3:30 pm he was sent for blood work, 8:30pm we had a call from the on call doctor telling us to go directly to the Emergency ward at Children's hospital where we were told they would be waiting for us.  Doctors and nurses came in our room and did blood tests on Aidan.  At 2:30 in the AM two doctors took me into a room to tell me that my son had leukemia 100%  His white blood cell counts were 156.  He was admitted for almost a month and a half, i met a lot of parents and they told me that some of their kids did not get diagnosed right away and were not even given blood tests.  They should be able to detect if it is cancer and then they can do a bone marrow to find out what kind.  Its really scary.  I hope your son has an infection that can just be cured with just some antibiotics and not get this thing caller Cancer. 

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