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my son 6 year survivor....I'm scared

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My son (9) is a 6 year survivor of Burkitt's Lymphoma. When he was first dx'd my husband had just returned from a long deployment in the middle east. Soon after his return, the stomach flu ran rampant through our home getting each one of us. My son's 'stomach flu' never went away and was dx'd with lymphoma. Well, fast forward 6 husband just returned from a 2nd long deployment. Stomach flu has hit our home again. I keep telling myself it is just the stomach flu, but I am really FREAKING out thinking that his cancer will return. I freak out anytime he gets a stomach flu, but this all just feels like deja vu. Do any of you freak out everytime your kids get sick, or am I just crazy?????

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    Well, my kids are grown so I rarely know when they're sick anyway.


    However, as a military wife, you must be familiar with the concept of PTSD.  While I doubt you're actually afflicted with that, you're sure living through a type of experience that could trigger a "flashback" type of reaction.  Hell, the whole world looks just the same as when your child was dx'd with cancer.  Of course you're going to be worried.


    However, the world doesn't usually work that way.  When everything looks the same, it doesn't mean it is.  I can fully understand your worries.  But, please, try to relax and breathe.  It is astronomically improbable that there is any kind of relapse going on right now.  You're just in far too familar surroundings.



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    My son is 26, he was diagnosed in 2005, and although he is now a grown adult, I still freak out every time he says he is not well.  I don't think those feelings ever really go friends and family tell me to get over it.  Really?  They have no clue....I will never "get over it".

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