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Any 15, 20, or even longer survivors of AML?

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Does anyone know or is a long term survivor of AML?  I was diagnosed in May 1991 as a young adult.  I recieved chemotherapy, no radiation or BMT.  I've been very lucky to be still alive today and would like to reach out to others in similar shoes as me.


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    Congratulations on being able to get through this with the minimum muss and fuss.  I mean, I guess.  I have no idea what AML treatment was like in '91.  I do know what a transplant's like and would have foregone it if I could've.  So you've made quite an accomplishment.


    A few folks post here who've done more than 10 years, I think one is as far as you, at 20 or so.  You know, if someone's been at this 20 years, they probably don't even think about relating their experience with the disease and computers.  We weren't really trained to think of going to the net for information and support back then.  And it seems that after being healthy so long, the whole things seems kind of emotionally removed for them.  I feel that after only seven years so, is I make 20 years -- God willing and the creek don't rise -- I can see not even thinking about reaching out to folks.


    You might want to go the the AML forum.  If you go back to the menu you got to this forum from and click the "Living with..." link, you'll see a list of dieases on the next page.  AML is the second from the top.



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