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    CoopersDad Registered Users
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    Hi everyone,


    We went in for our 4 month checkup:


    6.6 WBC

    12.4 HGB

    216 PLT

    3000 ANC


    Everything else looked good. He has complained of some headaches and got swimmers ear but the Onc said if it can be handled with tylenol then they are not too worried about it.It is awful hot here in Texas and he has been very active.


    Great to hear about Tomas!!!!


    Prayers and thoughts to everyone.



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    Kelly went for her 8 month OT cbc and I have a couple of concerns about her counts, but doc said they were ok, we'll recheck in a month. They are so different from last month, but she did have an endless cold (6 weeks) before.



    Today               July

    wbc 5.3              10.9

    anc 2200               8100

    HGB 13.8               13,.6

    MCHC35.4               34.9

    Pltl     158               211

    MPV  8.5     (I don't recall ever seeing this on a cbc - but it means mean platelet volume and it was low, normal is 9.2-12.8




    Neuts     41.7                     73.8

    Lymphs  44.6 (a bit high)     17

    Immature Grans  .6   Marked high and I don't recall seeing this on any cbcs



    Anyone have any ideas? The doc is a non-alarmist and said well she must be getting a  cold. (But she finally got over her long cold two weeks ago)




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    We are at the clinic as I'm writing this. If she had a cold, I'm not surprised you see it on the counts. Sometimes I feel like getting a CBC when I have a cold, just to see what my body is doing...I'm sure it will be low, I just never check.


    I'm looking at Casey's labs and MPV reference shows as 7.2-11.1 fL, so Kelly falls into "our" MVP reference. LOL


    Trish, I feel like if there is no Blasts, she is golden. Probably just run down from the cold.




    P.S What is her Monocytes counts?

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    CoopersDad Registered Users
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    I don't have our counts 4 months OT in front of me but on our last blood counts above I did not put that our IG% was .5. If you find out more about the ig% please post but our doctors were not concerned about it and said everything looked good (not that it matters to me because I still worry lol). I will ask our NP next time we see her for more details.



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    doublewishmom Registered Users
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    I just looked through the last four months of cbc's for both my boys. MPV is always 7.1 to 8.1 or so. And no one has ever said this was low.

    The lymps at 44.6% -- we have had 40 and 50% frequently on both boys and the onc always says that is fine, too.


    The ONLY thing I would be thinking about would be the plt drop...but I know my faithful nurses would tell me that 158 it is within normal range and if they took a new cbc a half hour later, it might have been 250.


    So, don't worry. HA!  Isn't that the chief of ironies! Here I sit, worrying myself sick, telling you not to worry. How bout I worry about Kelly and you worry about Micah and we'll both get more sleep! :-)


    Take care, hope you have a good month and that next month's CBC is picture perfect (although, I bet there are a ton of oncs out there would say this one is).




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    skleinhans Registered Users
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    I love reading this thread so that I will be more prepared for counts to be all over the place when my son finishes in 2013. BUT, I wanted to post my NON cancer daughters CBC from this winter when she was lethargic and pale. I was so freaked but they said it was probably a virus, no fever. All I could think was scary thoughts, I really would like to repeat the CBC but they weren't too alarmed, they said these were counts of a kid fighting a virus or something. Thought you might like to see them.

    WBC, 3.8

    Hemo 12.7

    Platelet  196

    MPV 6.6

    lymphocytes 60.8


    She is fine now so I just think it was a virus. They tested her for mono and epstein barr but both were negative and she was feeling better by the next month. Hope this helps.  Perhaps its from her past cold.


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    ftltrish Registered Users
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    THANKS so much for your replies - I tend to worry, but we've all had this crazy ride and I knew I would get some numbers feedback and explanation. Even though I will worry till next months CBC I carry all your words with me and will make an effort to think the most positive thoughts!!

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    Elke'smom Registered Users
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    Elke had her 6 month OT appt yesterday (will get around soon to posting it) and her MPV was 6.1.  Isn't even marked as abnormal on ours, and no one seems concerned.


    Just an fyi.



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    I wanted to let you know that I spoke with our clinic and the response was that the IG% is a new more senstive test on a newer model blood machine(s) that we have at our clinic installed over a year ago. I went back through our results and they range from 0-1.8 during his last treatment year or so. I could not see any rhyme or reason with ANC, WBC, PLT or anything like that. Also in our older tests from 2007 and 2008 there were no IG%. They said not to worry about it.


    Hope this helps. By the way our sons PLT had dropped to 168 about 2 months off treatment. He was sick a couple weeks before but fine when the CBC was done.They were back up to 268 on the next.



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    Elke'smom Registered Users
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    Elke's 5 and 6 month OT counts:



    5 Month OT6 Month OT


    Wow, if this table works, I'm really impressed with myself!  I'm really technologically challenged.


    Her counts this month are sky high for her because she's been sick for the last week and a half.  On that note, anyone know anything re the significance of a blood Co2 value of 15 (normal is 22 - 30)?  That's what hers is this month, and it's never been that low.  She was calm when they took the blood, so it's not because she was hyperventilating.  I'm wondering if it's because of her respiratory illness or something.


    Elke's platelets were 199 at 4 months, and I've noticed that her platelet counts seem to jump all over with little rhyme or reason.  So for those following, I do think it's "normal" for counts to jump up and down when going OT.  She also still has some abnormal values on her labs. ie, C02, creatinine, Alk phosph, LDH, IGG, lymphs.  I think this is also to be expected.  As mentioned, MPV is 6.1, but that's not even marked as abnormal on the report. 


    They drew the seven vials of blood for her immune titers this month (phew!) -- blew two veins in the process....  So far it looks like her chicken pox (varicella) immunity didn't hold, and she will need to be revaccinated.  I'll let you all know the results of the rest.


    Liking life OT!



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    I keep meaning to post Aidan's (10) 6 mos OT counts:


    WBC                    7.0

    Hemoglobin          12.5

    Platelets               207K

    ANC                     3700/3.7

    The labcorp print out is pretty detailed.  His counts dipped a bit last month, but bounced back with everything pretty much in normal range since going OT.


    Needs booster shots for Hep b, tetanus, and varicella. Everything else survived ok.



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    Ok - this discussion is exactly what I came on here to ask.   We just got Lily's 6 months counts.   Her ANC has dropped again to 1300.  Everything but that is in the normal range.   Since coming off treatment it has ranged from 900-1800 with around 1300 being normal.   I have asked our oncologist if he is concerned with it being so low off chemo for so long and he states he isn't because everything else looks good.   Her RBC is running 11-12ish, platelets are usually in the 200's.   Any insight?   I haven't seen anyone else with ANC this low 6 months off.   Also what is this about the MPV??  I couldn't figure that out.

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    Elke'smom Registered Users
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    Elke's ANC has been in the same exact range as Lily's consistently since gong OT (was 1.4 at 5 months OT).  The only reason it shot up sky high at 6 mths OT was she had been sick (bad respiratory thing) for a week when those counts were taken.  That ANC and WBC count are counts of a sick child.  I fully expect her ANC to be back in the 1.3 - 1.8 range at 7 mths OT, and the drs said to expect it to stay in that range for the first year -- that that was normal.





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    Here are Emma's counts at four months OT:


    WBC 7.4
    Hgb 13.4
    Plat 235
    ANC 3,600


    I think it just takes some kids longer to recover, especially if they were extra sensitive to chemo during treatment. That's just what I've seen from following other people's caringbridge sites. Emma was sensitive but it got better towards the end of treatment so I think that's why she recovered so quickly.

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    Oh, and the MPV thing I've never paid attention to myself.  I was just answering the question of another poster.  Don't worry about it.



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