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Fertility Financial Help

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Does anyone know if there is financial help for IUI or IVF treatments? After chemo treatments my husbands sperm count has not come back up. So we want to get fertility treatments but they are very expensive.

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    I tried looking up your zip code. Are you in New Jersey?

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    Yes!  There is.  I just had to go through IVF bc I was diagnosed with DLBCL for the 2nd time and my husband and i wanted to freeze some embryos.  Its called Sharing Hope.  Through LiveStrong.

    You have to qualify (you and your spouse have to make less than $100,000, which we did cause I only worked half the year last year) etc but its soooooooo worth it.  We saved well over $100,000.  Only had to pay $5,700.  Each shot I took was almost $100 and at one point I had to take 4 a day.  So you can imagine how much this grant helped.   Ask your ogbyn and see if they have other options.

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    I am glad your husband is in remission.  I did over a year of chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic lymphoma, starting when I was 29 1/2 years old.   About a year after chemo, I was 31.5 years old, I was tested and like we expected, my sperm count was almost non-existent (300,000 only, typical was about 150 million for my age).    My wife and I figured we'd try to adopt, but met with a fertility doctor.    They advised us to try in-vitro fert. with ICSI.    We paid out of pocket, this was pre-baby building act in NJ. (2001)  My wife got pregnant with twins, but lost the babies at 19 weeks.  It was tough, we did another cycle at a different place, that was covered a large part by our insurance a year later, and my wife gave birth to twin boys in Feb. 2003.     My employer switched to be self-insured a year later, and was exempt fromt the baby building laws in NJ and other states.   Your state may have a similar law requiring your insurer to cover part or all of the in-vitro or insemination with meds.    The reason I am replying is more to tell you that after two years post chemo my sperm count went up to 2 million.  Then after four years it was up to 100 million.  I am sure it depends on the types of chemo and amounts and areas of any radiation your husband received, but his count might possibly go back up.   I wish your husband and you all the best.  

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