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What are you most grateful for this Thanksgiving? Do you have a story to provide encouragement to others with a blood cancer? Share with us below.

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Re: Thankful for love and life-- 3 years ago by MontanaMom MontanaMom
I am so thankful! 3 years ago by yorkmelissa yorkmelissa
Thank you for the opportunity for my health to benefit others 3 years ago by smile123 smile123
I am thankful that my husband Rich is 12 years post BMT for CML and is well!  3 years ago by dbr1998 dbr1998
Loss and gain: why Light The Night walks are so critical. 3 years ago by DanDitzler DanDitzler
Re: Thankful for the great strides in NHL research 3 years ago by amms33343 amms33343
Everyday is a blessing. 3 years ago by shutchi905 shutchi905
Thankful for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society 3 years ago by marsch marsch
Thankful for everyday 3 years ago by purplepenguin14 purplepenguin14
I am thankful and grateful for ... 3 years ago by tacqua tacqua
Thanks for the Opportunity to Share 3 years ago by MarkO MarkO
CGVHD 3 years ago by Charmeon Charmeon
Thank You for Caring 3 years ago by Susan Susan
I am thankful for 5 yrs cancer-free for my husband Chris 3 years ago by cprcar cprcar
Thankful for Gleevec! 3 years ago by elena_jose elena_jose
I am Thankful for my Life. 3 years ago by gm619 gm619
I am thankful for 3 years ago by thorman1 thorman1
I am thankful for...... 3 years ago by reneelamay reneelamay
Thankful to God 3 years ago by WatchGodMove WatchGodMove
Thanks to PSI first 3 years ago by blanchard2458 blanchard2458
I'm so very thankful for 3 things: my family, friends and health. Anything after that is an added bonus! 3 years ago by
Thanksgiving at home this year.... 3 years ago by BrianMody BrianMody
So much to be thankful for.... 3 years ago by amyramirez amyramirez
I am thankful for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society because I truly believe if it was not for the help we received from them when my dad was diagnosise 3 years ago by
Re: I am thankful for... 3 years ago by alexwyn alexwyn

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