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Legendary athlete and trainer  and National Advisory Triathlon Coach for Team In Training, Dave Scott, is the featured guest of our very  first Google+ Hangout - a live event scheduled for Wednesday, April 11th at 4pm EST and viewable to anyone online from the LLS Google+ page.

Dave will be sharing training tips for beginner triathletes and available to answer questions from seasoned athletes.  Molly Quinn from Washington Sports Event Management (WSEM), producers of The Nation’s Triathlon – the country’s largest triathlon event which benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, will be joining Dave.

Whether you've always wanted to participate in a triathlon or  are curious about The Nation’s Triathlon, this online event’s for you!


Join us for the live event on Wednesday, April 11th and then sign up for The Nation’s Triathlon through Team In Training.  We’re as relentless about making sure you cross the finish line as we are about finding cures for cancer.

The leader in endurance sports training has teamed up with the leader in obstacle racing events!



Train with Team In Training for Spartan Races in the following locations and help support life-saving research:


     5/19, Burnett, TX

     6/3 Tuxedo, NY

     6/3 Ottawa, ON Canada

     6/9 Montreal, QC Canada

     6/16 Washougal, WA

     6/24 Toronto, ON Canada

     6/30 Ottawa, ON Canada

     6/30 Midway, UT


Visit today for a challenge you'll never forget.


We're raising the bar on personal best!



See our Top National Fundraisers in Team In Training for the week ending April 27th!


Kudos and congratulations to Julia Kadioglu of New York City, who's the top fundraiser for St. Anthony's Triathlon with $28,517!

See the top three fundraisers this week in all of our events by clicking here!


For more about Team In Training or to sign up for an event, visit -- the oldest and best endurance sports charity training program!  Your participation helps support life-saving cancer research.

The TNT Spartan

Posted by whitleyt Mar 9, 2012

Even the most seasoned Spartan benefits from training - or so this video from one of our registered participants would suggest:



Read more about the unique partnership between The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training and Spartan Race and then sign up for one of the many events offered across North America. at:


Now you can take on these exhilarating races and benefit from TNT's training expertise while helping to save lives.  It's a winning combination.



I'm an awful runner.  It's so bad that I recognize my teammates better from their backs than I do from their fronts.  It's ok--my complicated relationship with running (or swimming, or biking, for that matter) is a luxury that I'm unbelievably fortunate to have.  As an active kid, I hated running, and as an inactive adult focused on my career, I never made the time.  Now, running is how I choose to celebrate my life because it's the polar opposite of what my life has been over the past decade.


Back in 2003, I was 30 years old and life was great, I just wasn't feeling that great. I was unexplainably weak and anemic, but it wasn't until I started hemorrhaging every couple weeks that my doctors began more extensive exams.  After several months of tests, the doctors recommended exploratory surgery to get a closer look to see if they could find the issue.  During surgery, they found a grapefruit-sized tumor hiding in my intestines.  The tumor was removed and quickly biopsied so that by the time I woke up, I had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.


Chemotherapy was added to my treatment, and while it helped save my life, it created another issue by damaging my heart and leaving me with heart failure.  By the middle of 2004, my heart had started to become progressively weaker, making it difficult to walk hills and stairs.  I was given a pacemaker-defibrillator implant, but my heart continued to deteriorate and I went on the transplant list in August of 2010.  By the end of December 2010, things had gotten much worse. I was unable to lie down to sleep or lift my head when I was propped up in bed.  My arms felt like they were filled with lead and I couldn't walk 20 feet without going into a coughing-fit and needing to rest.  Finally, on January 3, 2011, I received the new heart that would save my life for the second time.


The impact of the new heart was immediate - it gave me life, but it also left me with a body that looked like it had been hit by a truck.  I started my physical therapy by shuffling from one side of my bedroom to the other.  After a few months, I was on the treadmill and looking to push the new ticker a little harder.  I had gone from a walk to a slow jog, but I was feeling strong and picked up the pace again to something resembling a run -- and for about 20 seconds, my chest and chin lifted, my feet got light, and goosebumps broke out all over my arms. It was a runner's high, and with it came all of the forgotten memories of what it felt like to be alive and healthy.  It was at that point that I knew that I had to continue to chase that feeling and help others find their way back to health.  Eight months after my transplant, I ran my first 5K race.  Two months later, I joined Team In Training for 13.1 miles in the Philadelphia Marathon.  Now I'm training with TNT again, this time for the St. Anthony's Triathlon in April.


It's an incredible honor to join my heroes at TNT, and while the feeling of the physical accomplishment is extraordinary, it's also the little things that make it so special, like a cool breeze on a long run, or turning a corner to see a beautiful sunrise, or maybe the thrill of picking up some speed down a hill and feeling like I've never been faster.  By the time I catch up to the rest of my teammates, I'm completely exhausted, but then I think about how lucky I am to be here and how far I've had to come to get to this point.  What I feel more than anything is grateful for the opportunity to repay my debt - the money and awareness raised by Team In Training and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society have led to advancements in medical science that helped save my life.  My experience has given me hope for the others that will go through their own cancer journeys, and with that in the front of my mind, I'm ready to hit the trail all over again.


Thanks for everything,



See Derek's impressive Team In Training video on the (new) Team In Training Channel on YouTube.If you have a video you'd like to include on this channel, please send it an email to with the video below. To support Derek's Recycled Man Team, click here. 



Derek, you're an inspiration to many and a true example of the spirit of Team In Training --- Go Team Recycled Man! Go Team!



Christine Luff is a Team In Training Run Coach with the New York City chapter. We recently asked her to write a guest blog post -- what follows truly speaks to the Team In Training spirit:

Last  weekend in New York City we had our first snowstorm of the year.  As a TNT coach, not only do I have to be out running in bad weather conditions, but I also have to convince the Team that it’s an important part of their training. “They don’t cancel races for bad weather, and you never know what you’re going to get on race day,” I always tell them. But there were a couple inches of snow on the ground already and it was still coming down. I started thinking about something that one of our honored teammates, Cynthia, spoke about at our Connection to the Cause event a few weeks ago. She talked about the “dark days” that cancer patients face during their treatment. Even though they may put on a brave and smiling face to friends and family members, there are many difficult moments when they’re alone in their hospital rooms, staring out the window and wishing they could be among those people walking their kids to school, going to work, and living a normal life.


What would people with cancer be thinking as they looked out their hospital windows and saw the falling snow? They would probably be commenting about how beautiful it looked and imagining how incredible it would feel to have snowflakes landing on their skin.


Rather than dreading a cold and snowy run, I decided to use Cynthia’s inspiring message and focus on how fortunate I am. I’m healthy enough to run. I’m on a Team made up of hard-working athletes who are dedicated to an amazing cause. I have drawers full of technical-fabric running clothes than can keep me dry and warm during harsh conditions. I’m lucky that I get to run frequently in one of the world’s most magnificent city parks, which looks amazingly beautiful when it’s blanketed in snow.


Running with a grateful heart not only made the snow and cold weather tolerable, it actually felt like a big, fun adventure. And thinking about those who weren’t healthy enough to be out there strengthened my resolve to keep fighting until they could be right there with us, feeling the snowflakes on their faces.


We're currently recruiting for Team In Training's summer season at Sign up today to become part of the team that's making a difference in the lives of cancer patients.


Team In Training is relentless.  That's why we won't give up on you.  Once again, we are lowering our registration fee.


Starting midnight on 01/23/2012 - 01/29/2012, you can register for TNT for 25% off the registration fee!  Register now for TNT and reap all the benefits that come with being part of the team.


Our amazing coaching staff will get you to the finish line of a marathon, half marathon, triathlon, 100 mile cycling event or a hike adventure.  You'll be getting advice on nutrition and injury prevention as well as guidance on equipment.  And you will raise funds for life saving cancer research.


Get started and register now and save 25%!


Visit: put in code: COUNT ME IN to register now!


Times are Eastern Standard Time.  Promotional code is case sensitive.  Valid only in the U.S..


>> Sign up to participate

>> Learn More

Meet Team In Training Honored Patient Layla Hefter, leukemia survivor


Summer_HP.pngAfter two and a half years of treatment for acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), Layla has learned to live her "new normal", as cancer moms like to call it.


These days, Layla is a happy and healthy little girl whose treatment is finally over. Her clinic visits have been cut back to once every three months instead of every month and now enjoys reading books with her mom, playing with her princess dolls and going to the zoo. Layla is also actively participating in the girl scouts!


With a full head of curly hair, Layla is having fun making friends and learning at school. In spite of all she's gone through, she's still smiling and always on the go, not taking a single day for granted!


Thousands join Team In Training every season to participate in marathons, half marathons, centuries, hiking adventures and triathlons to help cancer patients like Layla live better, longer lives.  Sign up today and join the team that's beating cancer!



Two weeks have gone by and we haven't heard back from you! Don't delay, register today for 50% off your Team in Training registration.


Starting midnight on 01/16/2012 to 01/22/2012, the registration fee for Team In Training will be just $50!  Once registered, you can expect all of the amazing benefits that come with being a TNTer.


With over 2,300 world class coaches, you can achieve your goal of crossing the finish line at a marathon, half marathon, triathlon, or 100-mile bike ride or hike adventure!


TNT provides a training regimin that's developed by an National Advisory Board of renowned coaches, advice on nutrition, injury prevention and more.  You'll be part of weekly team workouts, encouraging each other to stay on track.  And you'll be saving lives by raising money for cancer research.  


Become a part of the largest endurance sports charity program. Register now and save 50%!  Vist:   and put in the code GET STARTED to register now!


Times are Eastern Standard Time. Promotional code is case sensitive. Valid only in U.S.

A 75% Discount!

Posted by whitleyt Jan 9, 2012


We're thinking you were on vacation, stuck in traffic, or in line at the DMV, because when you didn't respond to the free registration offer for Team In Training (TNT), what else are we to think?


Starting midnight on 1/09/2012, the registration fee for Team In Training will be just $25.00! That's a 75% discount!  You have seven days to register at this  amazing price. And with TNT you get professional coaches, advice on nutrition, equipment and team support from others sharing the TNT experience right along side you.  A huge athletic achievement, camaraderie and know that you are raising funds for cancer research that saves lives!


Register now and save!  Visit and put in code GO TEAM to register now!


Times are Eastern Standard Time. Promotion code is case sensitive.  Valid only in the U.S..


>> Sign up to participate

>> Learn More



Run, bike, swim and hike your way to summer with Team In Training and these amazing event destinations:


Marathons & Half Marathons:

  • May 6th -- BMO Vancouver Marathon
  • June 3rd -- Rock 'n' Roll San Diego® Marathon & 1/2 Marathon to Benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society®
  • June 23rd -- Mayor's Marathon and Half Marathon



  • May 4–6 -- Avia Wildflower Triathlon
  • June 10th -- South Maui Triathlon
  • June 24th -- Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon


Century Rides:

  • June 3rd -- America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride


Hike Adventures:

  • May 19th -- Hike Grand Canyon
  • May 31st --June 4th -- Hike Grand Adventure, Havasupai Falls
  • June 16th -- Hike Yosemite


Our summer season has it all -- from a triathlon in Hawaii to a hike  adventure through the Grand Canyon to the most picturesque century in the country to the mother of all rock 'n roll marathons. Team In Training will get you there and make sure you cross the finish line!


Only Team In Training has trained over a half a million runners, walkers, triathletes, cyclists and hikers and raised over $1.2 billion to fund lifesaving research. Once you sign up, you'll be training with our huge network of certified coaches who will have weekly group run with you and your team. You'll even have mentors for fundraising support as well as your own website for online fundraising. Sign up today and join the team that's training for cures!

Once a leukemia patient, now she runs




New York, January 7, 2011 – Georgia Cleland, now 28, is the little girl who helped spawn an entire running for charity movement – the largest of its kind in the world. A leukemia patient at age 2, when the chance of survival was just 55 percent, today she ran her first half-marathon with Team In Training, the organization her father founded in her honor 23 years ago.  She ran the Walt Disney World half-marathon.  Thanks to her father Bruce Cleland's imagination, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training has had a remarkable influence on the world of marathon running and on blood cancer research.


The Cleland Family was busting with pride as they watched Georgia cross the finish line at the Disney Half Marathon.  As the inspiration for more than half a million people who’ve trained with Team In Training over 23 years, Georgia is more than an Honored Teammate, as the charity’s poster children are called. She’s the catalyst for more than $1.2 billion of research and services for people with blood cancers.


“I’ve seen many families who’ve suffered in so many ways because of a blood cancer diagnosis,” LLS CEO John Walter said.  “The Cleland family transformed the experience into a life-saving, energizing and healthy program for hundreds of thousands. As they look out at the sea of purple running shirts this coming weekend, they’ll know that they’ve made a lasting mark for which we’ll be forever grateful.”


Twenty-three years ago, Bruce Cleland took the first step as the first marathoner-for-a-cause, as his daughter fought to survive leukemia.  His idea – to support leukemia research by raising money and running his first marathon with a team of friends -- inspired a running movement that has touched many, many people.  540,000 runners have now followed in his footsteps and raised $1.2 billion dollars to fund cancer research through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


Early in 1988, Cleland, of Towson, MD, had a brainstorm of an idea. He gathered his friends and colleagues and, inspired by his mission, they trained together to run the New York City marathon on November 6, 1988. Each had gotten pledges from people they knew, raising an unexpected $320,000 for blood cancer research. Despite being in his forties and suffering from a bad knee, Cleland, who lived in Rye, NY, at the time, asked his friend and fellow New Zealand native, Rod Dixon (Olympian and winner of the 1983 NYC Marathon) to train the group of 32 novice runners. The group successfully completed the marathon in honor of Cleland’s 5-year-old daughter Georgia, who had just completed two years of treatment for leukemia.  They donated the money to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which then asked Cleland to help replicate the “Team In Training” idea for its chapters across the country.  And thus, the ‘fund-racing’ model was born.   Team In Training has become the largest endurance-training program in the world, and its success – now broadened to triathlons and century rides – has been a big part of the surge in endurance sports over the past decade.


Cleland had unknowingly tapped into a crucial dynamic:  “There were two things that made it work,” he said.  “We connected it to a cause we were passionate about, and that provided the motivation. And, second, was the power of the team.


“In the old days, running was a lonely thing to do, and it was easy to get discouraged. Now, all of a sudden, you had people to encourage you,” he said.


As the Team In Training program took hold, doubling and tripling in size every year, millions of new dollars became available for cancer research.  At that time, Cleland’s daughter was given about a 55 percent chance of survival.  Recently, the daughter of an acquaintance was diagnosed with the same kind of leukemia that Georgia was diagnosed with at age two.


“Her survival rate is probably about 95 percent,” Cleland said.  “That’s the kind of transformation that’s taken place.”



To Sign Up


Recruitment is underway in January for the summer marathons, including the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon and ½ Marathon. To learn more, call 800-482-TEAM or visit


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training is the largest endurance sport training program. It raises millions each year to support blood cancer patients and the scientists searching for a cure. LLS prepares thousands of participants annually for marathon and half marathon runs and walks, triathlons and century (100 mile) bike rides.

Something for Nothing

Posted by whitleyt Dec 28, 2011



Who said you can't get something for nothing? You can! From the stroke of midnight on 01/02/2012 to the stroke of midnight on 01/08/2012, you can register for absolutely free for Team In Training (TNT) --- that's a savings of $100!


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) TNT is the industry leader and most successful endurance sports training program for charity.  With more than 2,300 professional coaches, clinics on nutrition and equipment, and a dedicated team to train with you, TNTers are not only physically motivated by personally challenged to get to the finish line! Raising the bar on their "personal best," participants add fundraising for cancer research to the challenge of training for an endurance event.


Join the team that's saving lives! Visit: put in code: GREAT DEAL and register for your TNT event -- Free this week only!


Times are Eastern Standard Time. Promotional code is case sensitive. Valid only in the U.S..


>> Sign up to participate


>> Learn More



Members of the New Jersey IronTeam joined U.S. Championship Race Organizer John Korff and 6-Time Ironman World Chamption Dave Scott for a photo-op.  Pictured from left to right: Guy Adami, Leif Babin, Daniel Anderson, John Korff, Dave Scott, John Hyland, Dr. Tony Cioce,  and Robert Kobus. The IronTeam have committed to raising $500,000 for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society while training for this event with

New Jersey Team In Training ( .


Last night, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society hosted a launch event for Team In Training participants in the New York area's first Ironman race in the Audi Forum showroom on Park Avenue in NYC.  The evening featured a Q &A between John Korff, the Ironman Championship founder and event organizer, and Dave Scott – 6 time Ironman World Champion and Team In Training National Advisory Triathlon Coach.


CNBC featured the event, which can be viewed on their site at  For more pictures from the event, see @teamintraining tweets from the evening and/or view these images from Yahoo! News.


The following Team In Training partners contributed to the event:



To support the elite athletes participating in this event, see the IronTeam fundraising page at: For more about Team In Training, visit


Start 2012 off right by participating in The Nike + Women’s Half Marathon, a virtual event scheduled for January 15th, benefitting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. That’s right – the same team that brought you the incomparable Nike Women’s Marathon are now offering a virtual event! Here’s an event you can do in your hometown!


bracelet.jpg$10 from every $40 registration fee will benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And all registrants will receive a special edition ‘I Run To Be’ Hurley bracelet – how nice is that?!


We know you’re interested so here’s what you need to do:


1.) Register for the event

2.) Sign up for the official Nike+ Challenge


Want to make an even greater impact to beat cancer?


3.) Set up a fundraising page for LLS


We’ve set an audacious goal of getting 10,000 to participate in this event! With that alone we’d raise $100,000 to support the life-saving research of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Help us out by signing up today and sharing this post with your friends and family.


Join us and ring in the year in style for a cause that makes a difference in the lives of blood cancer patients and their families every day.


Go Team Nike+!


P.S. -- See the Nike Running Blog post on this event, which includes a promotion for our partner, GiveBackMail, too!

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