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Hi Everyone.  I just wanted to say hi, thanks, and congrats to everyone involved with Team In Training (TNT).  I learned about TNT this year through the Master the Shift program with Nissan.  It's been a great year of traveling around to different races, getting to meet a lot of you, sharing some yoga tips, and hearing your stories.  It's been inspiring to soak in the TNT vibe.  The work you do and have done is mind boggling.  You've reached $1 billon dollars to fight blood cancers and improve quality of life.  That's truly amazing.  Your efforts have changed so many people's lives, including mine.

Yoga is a practice that works from the inside out.  You start where you are and you're somewhere different every day.  Yoga cultivate s  a balance of strength and balance in our bodies and our minds.  It's all connected to the breath.  When we focus on the breath, instead of the circus wheel of thoughts, we are brought into the present moment.  And when we are balanced in the present moment, we are able to extend ourselves into the lives of others and serve effectively.  That's what yoga's all about.  Conscious living.  Living a useful life for ourselves, and others.  We're all in this together.  When you give you receive and TNT participants can feel the gratitude, the love, the energy and support of everyone you've touched.  Please continue your efforts in fighting blood cancers, building strength in your bodies, and minds, and supporting each other.

If you ever need a stress reducer, take a minute for yourself, close your eyes and focus on your breath.  5 minutes makes a big difference.  Meditation doesn't have to be a big deal you take 60 minutes out of your day.  When we recharge we are more equip to serve.  For more tips  and videos from me, visit

Thank you for letting me into your world.  I appreciate you.

Tara Stiles

leave impossible behind. be inspired. change lives, starting with your own.  create a world without cancer. get off the couch. meet like-minded people. be someone's hero.  find your inner athlete. be extraordinary. save lives one miles at a time.

Now recruiting runners and walkers to train for marathons and half marathons happening this Summer

Feel the pride that comes along with crossing the finish line.  Have you ever thought about participating in a marathon or half marathon?  Now's your chance.  Whether you're a couch potato or a seasoned runner, Team In Training will get you there.


Sign up to learn more about these four exciting events.

Vancouver Marathon  May 2, 2010

Canada's largest marathon takes place in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  This beautiful, mostly flat, paved course is open to runners and walkers as a full or half-marathon. >>Learn More

Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon & ½ Marathon  June 6, 2010
Participants will be treated to a BRAND NEW Rock 'n' Roll course in 2010. San Diego, known for its scenic coastline and laid-back lifestyle, has so much to offer participants both on and off the course! The thoughtfully designed walker and runner-friendly route will run past a variety of signature attractions in San Diego. >>Learn More

Mayor's Marathon and Half Marathon  June 19, 2010

This walker-friendly, 8½-hour course travels through beautiful Anchorage, AK. Scenic city bike trails, gravel, rocky and paved roadways make up this gently rolling course which extends downhill. The race is sanctioned by USA Track and Field and is recognized by the Boston Marathon as a qualifying event. >>Learn More

Rock 'n' Roll Seattle Marathon & 1/2  June 26, 2010

A running nirvana that travels from Tukwila to Seattle features ideal running temperatures in the mid-60s and beautiful scenery.  The Pacific Northwest is a perfect destination for an early summer vacation. >> Learn More

Team In Training promises a customized training program and certified coaches.  As a participant, you will train with a local group of like-minded individuals all motivated to cross the finish line and help blood cancer patients live longer, better lives.

Sign up for more information today.

In 2007, while vacationing with his family in Italy, Jake Silberg began feeling ill. After two weeks in a Rome hospital, he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a rare and aggressive blood cancer. He was flown back to the US, where great medical care and support from his family, friends and community all were critical to his recovery. So was peer-to-peer support, which Jake says played an important role in getting him through the challenges presented by the intense treatment that rid his body of his cancer two years ago. "I gained a lot of strength from my peer mentor, Weldon, a young adult cancer survivor my doctor connected me with. It was so incredible to see him fresh from running the NYC marathon, getting ready to go to college to become an oncologist...He showed me how my life could be and helped me understand that I could get through this and beat cancer."

Fast forward to September 2009. Jake is a featured speaker at The Nation's Tri Inspiration Dinner, attended by more than 1,500 triathletes, many of them Team In Training participants. Jake reminded the triathletes that he got through the toughest days of chemotherapy by saying to himself that “you can do this, just hold steady.” He told the triathletes to remember that refrain when they faced the challenges of the race course. The next day, he was on the course cheering on the participants and running the last mile with a triathlete friend and his parents. He also gives back to others as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s First Connection peer counseling program.


Jake recently took our young adult cancer survey, produced in conjunction with the I'm Too Young for This! Foundation (see:, to raise awareness about the unique challenges young adult cancer patients face. If you're a young adult cancer patient or young adult cancer survivor, we want to hear from you. As an added incentive, for the first 400 survey takers - 1 in 8 will win a $50 iTunes gift card. Please note that to be eligible you must be 15-39 and a cancer survivor.



View the video excerpt of Jake's Speech at The Nation's Tri Inspiration Dinner.


  • Find out more about First Connection, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's peer-to-peer telephone support program linking patients and their families with a trained volunteer who has experienced a similar situation. (see:
  • Help young adults like Jake by participating in Team In Training (, the worlds first, best and largest endurance sports training program. Our program has helped train more than 420,000 people for endurance sports events (marathons, triathlons, century rides, and hike adventures) over the past 21 years and raised more than $1 billion for life-saving cancer research in the process.



The following Thank You email was sent by one of our participants, Lisa Nelson, who's pictured crossing the finish line at the Nike Women's Marathon above on the far left.


I just completed the Nike Women's Marathon with the Monterey Run  team.  "Thank you" gets said to all of the Team in Training coaches,  and I have certainly thanked my own coach numerous times, but it  just seems woefully inadequate.  I am wishing there was a way I  could thank all of the coaches from across the country that helped  support me through that event.



My running partner and I were running around that dreaded Lake  Merced, and around the back side of the lake, we were really hoping  to see our coach.  We were a little punchy at that point, so we  started counting all of the TNT coaches that were cheering us on,  genuinely asking how we were doing, shouting words of encouragement,  etc.  In just a mile stretch, we counted more than 40 TNT coaches.  I had started shouting out "thank you coach" to all the coaches,  after they were cheering us on.  At one point, I said "thank you  coach, that is not my coach"  and he replied "we are all your coach."



He was right.  When I think back on those moments, trying to finish  my first marathon, and just the overwhelming support of from the  entire Team in Training organization, but especially all the  coaches... I still get emotional thinking about it.



Please if you could thank all the TNT coaches, from all across the  country, for their support and encouragement, I would really  appreciate it. 



GO TEAM!! Thank you,



Lisa Nelson


And thank you, Lisa Nelson, for recognizing our amazing and  committed coaches.  It's really true that Team In Training coaches are un-matched!


If you haven't participated in Team In Training find out more on  If you're a current or past participant - share your coach story  with us! Email

We're proud of our participants and impressed by our top fundraisers, like Tam Driscoll, who won top fundraiser honors at The Nike Women's Marathon last month.



Pictured here is Tam, along with her Daugher, Devan. Tam is wearing her top fundraiser Tiffany necklace.

Here's a message that Tam shared with her friends and supporters following the event:

I just returned from San Francisco for the Nike Women's Marathon and Half Marathon that took place this past weekend and secured the top fundraising spot in the nation for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training (TNT). It was an amazing yet bittersweet weekend. I was the guest speaker for the VIP fundraiser party on Friday night as well as speaker for the Breakfast at Tiffany's on Saturday. I got to meet Olympian's Kara Goucher and run with Joan Benoit Samuelson the following morning. My family was with me again at the Inspiration Dinner where we remembered those who lost the fight to cancer like Nancy and honor those fighting. I received a surprise award from Nissan at the Moscone Center with over 7,000 present. Sunday morning race was incredible where I joined a sea of over 20,000 runners and walkers from all over. While I didn't beat the Kenyan, Ethiopian or the woman from California that won the foot race, I did win over 5,000 other winners fundraising from 66 TNT Chapters to be the #1 Fundraiser in the entire nation by raising a record $57,775 for the Society! I owe it to AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action and to all of you for generously supporting my effort in memory of my sister Nancy. My family was front and center: three of my sisters, Deb, Pam and Tray flew in from the east coast and joined me along with husband Geoff and daughter Devan. They were with me on the race course which was wonderful in so many ways. The six months of training and fundraising culminated in the race of my life for me and my family. It was worth every step in this amazing journey as I know a cure for cancer is within our reach.

I'm thankful for each and every one of you for your support and generosity to fund and find a cure for blood cancer and to provide quality of life to patients and their families. Here's to ending the pain & heartache and for our future!

With heartfelt thanks,  


Thank you, Tam, for your passionate commitment to our cause!  Because of your efforts, blood cancer patients are living better, longer lives.




Running for Cures with Team In Training

Family Album 439.JPG

Laura Booke with her great niece, Louise


Laura Booke will be running her second ING New York City Marathon this Sunday at the age of 72, this time as a member of Team In Training (  "There wasn't supposed to be a second," she says..."But then,  my great niece, Louise Elizabeth Daggett, three years old, adorable, smart and lovable, was diagnosed with leukemia...Whatever could I possibly do to help her?  Answer:  I can run; I can run with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training program and raise money for the research that now gives Louise the possibility of a long healthy life."


Louise's family has received help from LLS through financial aid, counseling, information and support groups.   "Louise is running the race for her life.  I am running the race on the streets of New York.  Together we will be winners. At the finish I will give Louise my medal.  The victory is hers."

Tommy Owens comments on "Are Humans Meant to Run Long Distances"

Owens weighs in on the the importance of marathon training with his response to Tara Parker-Pope's post, with

"As a running coach for 20 years, I concur that training gradually over a long period of time is the surest and safest way to get to the start and finish line injury free, while feeling excited and fresh. At Team in Training ( we [understand] the importance of training for at least four to five months, and we usually recommend a combination of run/ walk to help our people build their strength, stamina, and endurance, and mitigate the risk of injury. Proper pacing is a significant key to healthy enjoyable training. Our clinics on proper gear,nutrition and hydration, and running form also helps a great deal. Having a training program with easy days, recovery days, along with a gradual increase in mileage, certainly adds to the health, safety, and enjoyment for all our people."

For the full post, see: 

Runner's World

Runner's World is proud of our long-standing relationship with Team In Training. Recognized as the worldwide authority on running information, Runner's World aims to help runners achieve their personal health, fitness, and performance goals, and to inspire them with vivid, memorable storytelling. Published by Rodale, Runner's World is available in 14 editions world-wide and online at


Thanks to our partnership with the Nike Women's Marathon, held annually in San Francisco, Team in Training has raised over $78 million in the battle against blood cancers.  Just Do It? Nike lives their famous tagline and for that, we're grateful.



National Supporting Sponsor and Official Energy Bar and Gel of Team In Training, PowerBar, has been actively engaged with Team In Teaming through much of the last decade, providing participants with the nutritional products and tools to achieve their Team In Training goals. Become part of the PowerBar community at


A cycling icon for the last 100 years, we're honored by Schwinn's sponsorship of Team In Training. Visit to where you can become a part the Schwinn community.


Get ready for your big race with valuable training tips and videos from Nissan Master and record-setting marathoner Ryan Hall. Watch his videos and enter to win a Nissan Altima at


The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society applauds our Team In Training Sponsors, recognizing the impact they have had on our ability to help blood cancer patients live longer, better lives. Thanks to you, we're that much closer to cures!

TNT Thumbnail pic.jpg

Pictured here is Marcella Marcheschi (L) with her sister, Gabriella (R). Both sisters and their mother participated in the Nike Women's Marathon Sunday.

“I don’t think words can explain what it feels like to be told you have cancer,” says Marcella Marcheschi, 28, of San Francisco, of learning of her diagnosis of Hodgkin lymphoma in January of 2008. “All of a sudden I wasn’t a young healthy 20-something any more. I had something in my body killing me.”

On Sunday she wore one word on her shirt: “Survivor,” eliciting cheers from onlookers as she crossed the finish line at the Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon. Marcheschi was among 4,000 members of Team In Training ( who raised more than $14 million to support blood cancer research and patient services at this year’s marathon.

Read more about her story here, in today's San Francisco Chronicle article.

Some people talk the talk, and then there's Dawna Stone -- founder, president and publisher of Women's Running Magazine, sponsor of The Women's Half Marathon.




Dawna Stone


Dedication to Fitness and Health -

Dawna personifies the fitness-as-a-lifestyle approach to living by recognizing that our personal dedication to fitness and health is something that we need to adapt as our lives change.  For Dawna, as for many women, those changes can be prompted by the decision to start a family. There's probably no life event that will squash your work-out routine quicker than having a baby...and rightfully so! But getting back into your fitness groove can prove particularly challenging, especially in the first years of your baby's life. Dawna's addressed these challenges personally in Women's Running Magazine  and has bravely offered her own fitness challenge as an example to busy moms everywhere.     That's one of the reasons why she's been so passionate about The Women's Half Marathon, an event that will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida, that her Women's Running Magazine is sponsoring.



A Run/Walk Event Just for You -

Whether you are a busy mom, someone who's career has taken center stage in your life, or someone who's struggling with the weight issues a sedentary lifestyle will generate, you can find the motivation you need by participating in the Women’s Running Magazine Women's Half Marathon benefiting  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.    The first event of its kind, Women's Half Marathon is a Run/Walk event that was designed to celebrate your personal dedication to fitness and health. The 13.1 beautiful miles event participants will be running or walking can signal an empowering return to fitness for many of us.

Join The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training endurance sports training program and commit to a healthier lifestyle through our personalized training program, available to women across the country.


Team In Training will make sure you're not only prepared for the November 21-22 event, you'll be inspired, too - because when you participate in Team In Training, you're also raising money to support blood cancer research to find a cure for devastating diseases like leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. And with Team In Training, as the name implies, you won't be doing this alone.  Reclaim your healthy lifestyle by signing up for one of our Information Meetings on .   Then share news of this event with your friends and colleagues.


Let The Women's Half Marathon in St. Petersburg signal your recommitment to living a healthier lifestyle by signing up today!

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