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The Nike Women’s Marathon is sold out, though you can still get into the event through Team In Training.  Sandi did, as reported by The San Francisco Chronicle (see: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training Program Welcomes Barbie ) --- and you can too!


It’s not too late for you to join Team In Training  to participate in the world’s largest marathon for women.  Train for the full or half marathon and know that Team In Training will help you cross the finish line.  Train with the best and  help beat cancer as you do.


Running the Nike Women’s Marathon is an experience of a lifetime – don’t miss out!





Pick up the July issue of Runner's World, dedicated to "outrunning cancer", and you'll find numerous references to Team In Training. In fact, two of this edition's seven cover variations feature Team In Training participants -- one with Coach Lyle Jacon and the other with Angela Alleyne, both cancer survivors.  Then, in "Team Effort," Runner's World writer and Team In Training participant John Brant chronicles his TNT experience with the Portland chapter while celebrating his colleagues -- from Coaches Julie Hoffman and Karl Johnson, to Team Captain Kevin Tangen to fundraising star Tam Driscoll to participants Annie Spague, Dawn Viar and Cassandra Mercer. TNT National Advisory Coach, Jack Daniels, TNT Director, Audrey Shepperd, TNT participant and cartoonist John Tomac and LLS funded researcher Dr. Brian Druker, who famously developed the cancer drug Gleevec, are featured in the July issue, as well.teameffort.gif

Why so much TNT? Because in the fight against cancer, no endurance sports training program features more prominently than Team In Training, a program that alone has raised more than $1 billion dollars to fight cancer. Funds that have been dedicated to funding transformative research.

As the feature on Dr. Druker suggests, our investment in research is what sets us (both LLS and Team In Training) apart.

Dr. Druker notes, "The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society recognized the opportunity with Gleevec...They were willing to take a chance on our work." drd.gif

"Unfortunately, researchers today are in the same position we were in a decade ago.  If anything, it's even more difficult for novel research to gain federal funding. We're more reliant than ever on non-profits…like LLS, which means in effect, that we're more reliant than ever on Team In Training."


We'd like to thank Runner's World for profiling so many Team In Training participants and focusing on both our differentiator and our
motivation -- life-changing cancer research. Go Team!

To join the team that makes the biggest impact in the fight against cancer, visit to find out more today.



Guiding our cycle program we’re proud of our association with renowned athlete and cycle scholar, Arnie Baker.  Arnie’s an eight-time National Record Holder, six-time National Champion who has 200-plus career wins. He has coached cyclists to more than 100 national cycling championships and more than 30 U.S records.


A board certified family physician, Dr. Baker has authored  17 books on cycling, including Nutrition for Sports, Bicycling Medicine, and High-Intensity Training for Cyclists, and has been a columnist at Bicycling magazine and other publications.


A National Advisory Cycle Coach for Team In Training since 1997.


Train for a century ride through Team In Training  -- like The Honolulu Century Ride, The Sea Gull Century, or the Moab Century Tour , all currently accepting registrations, and benefit from Arnie’s expert influence. We’ll see you across that finish line!

Calling All TNT Rock stars!

Posted by whitleyt Apr 19, 2011


You have crossed the finish line and helped beat cancer! You're a TNT Rock star!


And you are the inspiration behind our new promotion to 'Bring Back The Band' -- special gifts to reward our alumni.


'Bring Back The Band' and enjoy these fun incentives:


     1.) A 'Bring Back The Band' t-shirt, customized with your band name

     2.) A rock star-worthy hospitality basket, received as you arrive at your event weekend

     3.) A photo shoot for each band taken at event weekend to campture your band 'in concert'


To qualify you must 'Bring Back The Band' with at least three 'band mates' to participate in either The Nike Women's Marathon or The Nation's Triathlon.  Only the 'band leader' needs to be an alumni, all other band members may be either TNT alumni or newbies.


We'll be following up with you at recommitment to identify our Rock star bands and confirm details.


Celebrate your inner rock star and 'Bring Back The Band' --- start gathering your band mates today!


For questions, email

Guest blog post from TNT Coach Kimberly Lorton:

My personal experience with Team In Training goes back to 2006 when I started as a guest TNT Coach. I now work for Nuun running their sponsorship programs. I had no idea the impact that Nuun and TNT would have on one of my participants and how her experience would open up the door for other people to benefit in an entirely new way. Here’s that story:


Lou was afraid to be an athlete. Like many a Team-In-Training ‘newbie’ she had never been an athlete, and at the age of 62 was a bit intimidated and thinking that she would be the only person over 21 in the group... She came to the program as most participants do, looking for a great experience, a chance to ‘get in shape’ and the chance to do something for a great cause.   As her coach, I convinced her that the great thing about TNT is that all ages and abilities come together to form a great mix of people.

The training experience with Team In Training proved to be transformative for Lou – and by the middle of the season, I started her on a run-walk strategy that she would be able to employ for the race. It was very exciting.  Then, about 2 weeks before the race she called me and said that she needed to talk to me.  That night she told us that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  We were shocked but got a good laugh through the tears when she said the first question to the oncologist was, ‘can I do my triathlon?’  The answer had been yes. The doctors even said that her early diagnosis was in part due to her being more fit and in tune with her body, and she had given herself a better chance at fighting the disease by basically ‘training’ for the fight of her life. That night, we talked about the fact that even though the LLS is for blood cancers specifically, the research they do has applications for other types of cancers and the organization is a leader in research and programs that support patients, families, and communities.

Leading up to the race, she had been having severe pain during longer training days that was complicated by dehydration. Nuun became even more important and she started using it to stay hydrated on a daily basis and between training sessions.  She also decided that she wanted to tell the team. It was the best decision ever. Her experience with Team In Training is what made her realize how far reaching her network of support really was and that when you need support its important to realize that it’s ok to ask for it. As you can see from the picture, she had company as she crossed the finish line too.


Lou's TNT finish line!


Nuun is offering all Team In Training participants and alumni a 10% discount. Simply log on to  and use the Promotion Code: TNT2011 to take advantage of this offer and keep yourself well hydrated while you train. 15% of your purchase goes back to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!


We are pleased to announce that our corporate charity partner, Peaksware, will donate proceeds from the downloads of their newly-acquired suite of activity tracking apps to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and two other charities in a special two day offer.  Peaksware is the developer of the popular TrainingPeaks® platform used for TNT Flex, Team In Training's online training program.


For two days only, from Tuesday, March 22nd thru Wednesday, March 23rd, Peaksware will be offering each of their GPS apps for only 99-cents, donating the  proceeds* of every iTunes download equally between the three benefitting charities.


  • To learn more about this campaign, visit this page on the TrainingPeaks site.



  • For more on our customizable, online training program, visit the TNT Flex page on the Team In Training site.



Download the app in the interest of attaining your own health and  fitness training goals and help beat cancer in the process.



*Apple iTunes retains 30% of all download fees. The remaining proceeds will be divided equally between the three charities associated with this campaign.

Train with TNT and Fuelbelt

Posted by whitleyt Mar 3, 2011



Our friends at FuelBelt have created an entire line of TNT-branded products including hydration belts, BPA-free water bottles, attachable ripstop pockets, and many more necessary running accessories! Every TNT product returns a 10% donation to LLS. Please visit to see our full line of TNT- branded products.

The following was excerpted from the February 2011 edition of eNewsline, where we featured a Q & A with Susan R. Rheingold, an LLS funded researcher and Team In Training alumni:


What is the biomedical problem/issue that you are trying to resolve?

My clinical and research interest is childhood and adolescent ALL, especially relapsed ALL. Currently, a research grant from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) is helping me translate our laboratory findings into new therapies, especially for the patients who have relapsed and desperately need more effective treatments.

At The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), we found that new anti-cancer agents that target/inhibit a molecule called mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) can be effective in patients with certain types of leukemia and lymphoma. The mTOR enzyme is part of a network of interacting molecules (pathway) that normally control cell growth, proliferation and survival and are frequently abnormally active in cancer cells. We are presently studying which standard chemotherapy drugs and which other molecularly targeted drugs can be combined with mTOR inhibitor drugs to increase the likelihood of cure.


What's novel or innovative about your approach?

We are studying mTOR inhibition in childhood ALL with a 360 degree approach. Using ALL cell lines and mice who develop ALL, my colleague Stephen Grupp, MD, PhD, and his laboratory have shown that mTOR inhibiting drugs increase leukemia cell killing and “patient” survival. Now, using leukemia cells collected from the children enrolled on our trials, Dr. Grupp is able to study drug effects on human leukemia cells in real time. He can also grow these cells in mice so that we can study in detail the various pathways being affected by the drug. Importantly, we can also use these mice to learn which drugs work best together.


How will your work one day help patients?

By targeting mTOR with molecularly designed drugs, we can inhibit mTOR and thereby inhibit a key cancer cell growth pathway. Our goal is to increase cure rates for young patients with leukemia and lymphoma. Importantly, the toxicity of targeted agents is much less than with classic chemotherapy and can be combined without adding more side effects to patients.


Are you close to clinical trials?

We translated our mouse model findings into a Phase I trial of the oral mTOR inhibitor drug, sirolimus (rapamycin,) in children and adolescents with relapsed acute leukemia or lymphoma. Expanding upon this trial, we are currently enrolling patients at CHOP in a Phase 2 efficacy trial of sirolimus combined with oral methotrexate for children and adolescents with relapsed and refractory ALL and NHL.  Two other trials, using a second generation mTOR inhibitor that can be given intravenously, are going through administrative review and will hopefully be opened at many sites through the COG and TACL cooperative groups in 2011.


What other projects are you excited about and believe will benefit patients?

In the past several years our ability to predict which ALL patients are at high risk of relapse has improved based upon cutting-edge molecular tests. Using those same tests, we can look for better anti-leukemia drugs that will target the abnormalities that makes a child’s ALL particularly aggressive. Translational laboratory research and clinical trials are paramount to introducing new drugs, not available otherwise, to keep the more aggressive cases of ALL from relapsing, and curing those that do relapse.


dub finish.jpg<

What are some of your hobbies and non-research interests?

My first interaction with LLS was over a decade ago when I was  part of the inaugural Team-In-Training (TNT) Triathlon Fundraising Team.  I did my first half Ironman that year and have subsequently continued  competing in triathlons, including a full Ironman. I am the captain of  Team CHOP which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars at the  Philadelphia Triathlon for pediatric cancer research. I also raised  money for LLS by running the Dublin Marathon with TNT.  It is great to  be able to combine my athletic interests with my work!




If you'd like to recieve eNewsline, our monthly summary of  the latest in blood cancer news, subscriber at

To become a TNT alum like Dr. Rheingold.....sign  up for Team In Training at!ader 2

TNT Snowmen2.jpg

Train Endure Achieve Matter  with Team In Training.


Thanks to Tom Lynch from Rhode Island for sharing this pic!


As the calendar year  comes to a close, we often reflect on the year's events and those who are  important to us. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training (TNT) national sponsors are endurance sports allies who are having a direct impact on  the lives of patients living with cancer through their support.
Working together,  we're making a difference. Here's to our sponsors!

Presenting  Sponsors:
Associate  Sponsor:
Supporting  Sponsors:

Who  wants to spend hours going nowhere on a treadmill when you can join our team,  keep fit, meet new friends and help raise funds for life-saving cancer  research?!


For the  next five months you can count on Team In Training (TNT) to provide all of that  and more -- including regular training sessions, personalized coaching and an  impressive selection of event destinations to choose from, like the popular Walt  Disney World Marathon weekend!

The winter  season for Team In Training is just starting so there's no better time to sign  up for our 1/2 marathon program.

Whether  you join TNT to achieve a personal fitness goal or because you want to impact  the lives of cancer patients the world over, you'll experience training like no  other thanks to our expert coaches and responsive staff. Break away from the  monotony of the gym this fall by signing up for Team In Training --- find  out more today!

Nancy Driscoll

The following story was featured in eNewsline, LLS's monthly eNewsletter. To subscribe, visit and submit your name, email and zip code from the FREE NEWSLETTERS form on the homepage.

Six sisters train to honor seventh  who died from lymphoma

Tam Driscoll, of Portland, OR,  remembers watching her friend run marathon after marathon, marveling at her  body's endurance, and thinking, "This isn't an achievable goal for an ordinary  person like me," she said. "Marathons are for elite runners with only 7% body  fat."
Well, that was nine years and 13 full and half marathons ago.  Today she realizes that all she needed was inspiration and a team of  like-minded, ordinary folks to run with. Turns out, these are ordinary people  doing extraordinary things.

Driscoll first joined The Leukemia &  Lymphoma Society's  (LLS) Team In Training (TNT) program when her daughter was  one. She completed a marathon in San Diego and raised $7,600 for blood cancer  research and patient services.

"Cancer wasn't yet a part of our family  vocabulary," Driscoll remembers. "I ran because I have a healthy child and I  felt fortunate. And then I realized something wonderful about the power of TNT  and LLS. I could see that our team's actions were helping people survive cancer,  and would someday lead to a cure. I realized that alone you can race, but  together you can really make a difference. Once I understood the power of the  group, I was hooked."

Driscoll had just signed up for two more races when  she got the devastating news: her sister, Nancy, was diagnosed with an  inoperable brain tumor linked to lymphoma.

"Fate had drawn me to this  organization," Driscoll said, "even before it found me."

Nancy Driscoll  battled the cancer for six years, but tragically died of the disease in June  2009.

Now Driscoll has persuaded her other five sisters, who live in  North Carolina and Virginia to join her in preparingfor the Nike Women's  Marathon to Benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Oct. 17th in San  Francisco.  And so, Team Nancy has been born.

Team Nancy The other five sisters - Pam  Haines, Kathy Vardo, Debbie Metcalf, Tracey Driscoll, and Barbara Ludeman - are  training in their hometowns and will meet in San Francisco for  the 7th running  of the Nike Women's Marathon, whose TNT participants are poised to surpass the  $100 million since the inception of this event. Their mother, Joyce Driscoll, is  their honorary coach, and she says having Team Nancy is helping her with the  grieving process. Brothers Dan and Tim Driscoll are also involved, helping with  fundraising and awareness building.

Rather than focus on the tragedy of  Nancy's death, Driscoll prefers to focus on the time they had together, and the  extra years the sisters
were given when Nancy's treatment was working.

"Losing a sister or anyone to cancer is unacceptable not to mention  painful and gut wrenching," she says. "We want to stop cancer from taking more  lives and are taking action with this race. It's a tough challenge, but having  our sister Nancy's spirit and memory to fuel our feet and hearts is worth ever  step. We feel like we are making a difference in so many lives."


Visit the Team Nancy web page at
To learn more about Team In Training visit



The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is proud to welcome Amgen Inc. as a national sponsor for Team In Training (TNT) for 2010. As a TNT National Associate Sponsor, Amgen will support LLS through TNT, the world's largest charity endurance sports training program. Many Amgen employees are already participating in TNT through the cycle program. A national sponsorship will encourage and expand Amgen employee participation at multiple TNT events. It is also an opportunity to strengthen the alignment between the LLS Mission: to cure blood cancers and improve the quality of life for patients and families; and the Amgen Corporate Mission: to transform the promise of science and biotechnology into therapies that have the power to restore health or even save lives.


For more information about the Amgen mission and its corporate giving program, please go to


Jacque Carter fell in love with Team In Training in the fall of 2003. She had been a runner when she was younger but a dislocated knee ended her running career. However, she became an avid race walker and by 2005 was coaching the walk team for the National Capital Area chapter. Never one to shy away from attention, Jacque and a group of friends sported angel wings during the Nike Women’s Marathon to Benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in San Francisco in 2008. They called themselves Peggy’s Pals to honor a friend battling leukemia. Last summer, Jacque once again decided to take a very visible stand to show her support and solidarity for cancer patients, when she shaved her head following a training run with her team.


Haircut After2.jpg



Her story was beautifully documented on the New York Times Running Voices series


Thank you for being a Totally Baldacious pioneer, Coach Jacque!

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