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Christine Luff is a Team In Training Run Coach with the New York City chapter. We recently asked her to write a guest blog post -- what follows truly speaks to the Team In Training spirit:

Last  weekend in New York City we had our first snowstorm of the year.  As a TNT coach, not only do I have to be out running in bad weather conditions, but I also have to convince the Team that it’s an important part of their training. “They don’t cancel races for bad weather, and you never know what you’re going to get on race day,” I always tell them. But there were a couple inches of snow on the ground already and it was still coming down. I started thinking about something that one of our honored teammates, Cynthia, spoke about at our Connection to the Cause event a few weeks ago. She talked about the “dark days” that cancer patients face during their treatment. Even though they may put on a brave and smiling face to friends and family members, there are many difficult moments when they’re alone in their hospital rooms, staring out the window and wishing they could be among those people walking their kids to school, going to work, and living a normal life.


What would people with cancer be thinking as they looked out their hospital windows and saw the falling snow? They would probably be commenting about how beautiful it looked and imagining how incredible it would feel to have snowflakes landing on their skin.


Rather than dreading a cold and snowy run, I decided to use Cynthia’s inspiring message and focus on how fortunate I am. I’m healthy enough to run. I’m on a Team made up of hard-working athletes who are dedicated to an amazing cause. I have drawers full of technical-fabric running clothes than can keep me dry and warm during harsh conditions. I’m lucky that I get to run frequently in one of the world’s most magnificent city parks, which looks amazingly beautiful when it’s blanketed in snow.


Running with a grateful heart not only made the snow and cold weather tolerable, it actually felt like a big, fun adventure. And thinking about those who weren’t healthy enough to be out there strengthened my resolve to keep fighting until they could be right there with us, feeling the snowflakes on their faces.


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