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This is a story of a woman's cancer journey and the appreciation she has for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).


pen.gifIn February of 2010, I received the frightening news that I had Hodgkin's disease.  After a PET scan and two biopsies, I was hit with the additional news that I was positive for stage 2 Lymphoma.  I was 42 and scared to death.


When I went in for my first visit with oncologist Dr. Rafique of Tri County Hematology and Oncology in Ohio, I found out how expensive chemotherapy is and how health insurance doesn't cover it all.  Fortunately, my doctor directed me to LLS and they helped with more than 50% of my insurance co-pages.  This was a major relief and allowed me to concentrate on fighting the illness and getting better.


My 12 rounds of chemotherapy ended in the fall of 2010.  Unfortunately, I sustained lung damage from one of the chemotherapy agents and had to spend three weeks in the hospital recovering.  I had another PET scan in April of 2011 and was given the great news that I was in remission!


I am forever grateful for my wonderful doctor and the financial support I received from LLS.  I encourage everyone to help this great organization and other cancer patients to take advantage of the support they provide.


~ Cynthia Clark


Cynthia was so grateful for the help she received during treatment, she has designated LLS as a beneficiary in her retirement plan.  Cynthia has insured that the hope and support she felt from LLS during her treatment will carry-on for others.


On behalf of patients everywhere, thank you Cynthia.


Learn more about how you can designate LLS as a beneficiary.


Wishing you the best of health,



John E. Walter,

President & CEO

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


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