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Fun Week!

Posted by ccira in Life Ain't a Track Meet on Aug 26, 2008 9:33:31 AM


First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated so far! You guys are the best!



My training is going quite well. On Thursday and Saturday I did strength workouts. I wrote myself two very tough workouts that I alternate, so Thursday was an endurance strength day and Saturday was a power strength day. Each workout took over an hour to complete due to the sheer number of moves I included - I like to hit the muscles in a variety of ways, so I usually do at least two moves for each muscle group. I also added new stability work (one-legged squats on a wobble board, to name one move!) and updated my ab circuit to be positively ridiculous...but my training motto is, what does not kill me will literally make me stronger!



Sunday was amazing - I did a long walk of about 9.5 miles in preparation for my September 6th half marathon. It felt great! I kept a fantastic pace and it felt super-easy! It didn't hurt that the weather was gorgeous. I love the weather in Waterloo/Cedar Falls...although I must confess that the wind is a bit much on occasion! Then yesterday (Monday) I rode my bike to the rec center, did a fitness class that I'm going to begin teaching tomorrow (excited about that!), then rode back home. Today I am SORE! That fitness class didn't fool around. Hopefully I can keep up the very-difficult tradition!



I'm totally psyched to begin workouts with the team. My life as a runner/walker has been quite solitary, and I look forward to feeling a camaraderie with others who have similar goals. In the end, it's just your body and the road, but at least there are people who can help you push through mentally. That's what endurance sport is all about - put the miles on the legs, yes, but it's primarily about mind over matter. That's one reason Team in Training is so great. When I did the 2008 WDW 1/2 marathon, I constantly saw the "purple people" on the course and on the sidelines, and everyone was cheering each other on. I'm sure that's a big reason of why so many people are able to finish the races, even if just 6 months earlier they hadn't run a step. There's a lot to be said for motivation, both in terms of  the fundraising and altruistic aspects, and with the crowd and team support.



I may need to take today off from workouts to let my legs recover from all the squats and lunges of yesterday's fitness class - I smell a high-protein-intake day ahead!