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Give & Get - March 17 - 20th

Posted by lazzaric in @LLS on Mar 7, 2011 3:30:36 PM


(Canadian Residents - use this coupon)

April 2011 Update:

Thanks to all who participated in this campaign by shopping at Gap, Inc. stores and/or promoting the coupon. Thanks to your efforts we generated nearly $500,000 to beat cancer! That's an amazing accomplishment and one that wouldn't have happened without your support. Go Team Give & Get for LLS!


For the last two years The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) has teamed up with Gap, Inc. to bring a personal and philanthropic reward to our supporters.  Our partnership with Gap offers more than a nice opportunity to save on some great clothes – because a percentage of the proceeds benefits LLS, it underscores the importance of our mission to fight blood cancers.  Since 2009, we’ve raised nearly $3.4 million to fight blood cancers through this initiative!

These funds are helping children like, Ethan Potter, who has already spent much of his short life fighting a battle none of us ever wishes to face. 

February 18, 2009 marks a day that the Potter family will never forget: It was the day that Nancy Potter took her sons, Jonas (age 5) and Ethan (age 4) for their annual “wellness” appointment. The pediatrician noticed that Ethan looked a little paler than normal.  Thinking that he may be slightly anemic, she ran some quick tests.

“We had no idea that within 40 minutes of pricking his finger our lives would change drastically,” Nancy told us. “The doctor came back in the room and informed us that his platelets were so low that he was in danger of bleeding internally and that his white blood cell counts were the highest the office had ever seen.”

That’s when the Potter’s heard the word “leukemia” for the first time. Soon after, they learned that their precious four-year-old was battling Pre B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

Nancy explained,

“My husband and I did not know very much about leukemia. We knew it was a form of blood cancer that was inside the bone marrow but not much else. At the advice of our caseworker…we turned to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help get a better understanding of this cancer.

It was there that we discovered that 30 years ago the survival rate of people diagnosed with leukemia was only 10%, but due to LLS and all of the money they have helped raised to find a cure, the survival rate for my son today is 90%.”


The Potter’s utilized some of LLS’s free recourses, brochures and DVDs to get a better understanding of the disease and share the information with their children.


The Potter family is a shining example of how funds raised through programs like Gap Give & Get benefit blood cancer patients today and will help progress treatment for those in the future.  Nancy gratefully told us, “Today, Ethan is doing fantastic and feels great. His treatment will last 3.5 years and he will be completely done September 2012.”

Join us in celebrating Ethan and his brave battle with cancer by taking part in the Gap Give & Get campaign on March 17-20.  Using this coupon, you will receive 30% off of your entire purchase, and 5% of the total sale will be donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fund childhood cancer research.


Sharing this coupon with your friends and co-workers, will dramatically expand your impact.

With your help and support, we hope that one day soon children like Ethan won’t have to hear the word “leukemia” ever again.

Print your coupon and start shopping to help beat cancer.


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